Fall Interior Design Trends To Look For This Year

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Interior design trends change on a frequent basis, so this fall, you should check out the latest trends for interior decor. No matter what your tastes are or what your budget is, you’ll be able to find something that is satisfying for you and pleasing on the eye to your visitors.

Art deco influence

From furniture to accessories to wall paint, art deco  is in for fall. These colors include, but are not limited to rose, amethyst, topaz, and olive. The room will bring about thoughts of happiness and the springtime, which you will miss once the temperatures start to dip. Avoid the trends of last year such as beige and white color schemes, which can often look bland and boring.

Basket weaves

Typically, basket weaves are reserved solely for the outdoors, but a new fall trend has them tastefully placed inside with an assortment of metallic-finish paints. You can also create basket weave paint patterns on the walls, or install tiles that reflect a basket weave pattern.

basket weave tile pattern bathroom

Motif Arabescato Basketweave / 1″x2″ / Honed marble mosaic tile from BuildDirect.

This will create an outside-in look that will make you feel like you are enjoying the autumn weather year round.

Brightly colored plants

Although plants have often been a staple of interior design, certain types of plants will add color to the inside your home to give it a fall-like appearance. Bright flowers such as snapdragons and poppies will make beautiful additions to your home. You can also add small trees such as Japanese Maples which change from bright green to red when the fall comes. These all will replace the fake plants which have been popular in the past few years.

Light colored wood

In the past few years, dark-colored woods such as walnut, rosewood, and teak have dominated interior decor. You can change it up this year by making the transition to a light-colored woods such as cherry, maple, and oak. It will create a fresh new look to any dining room or bedroom set. You can also look for ideas on stripping and restaining furniture for that same effect.

maple hardwood flooring bedroom

Jasper Hardwood Prefinished Canadian Hard Maple Collection from BuildDirect

Small scale, vibrant lighting

To give your home a wonderfully lit appearance, you can do two things. First, opt for natural lighting such as sunlight, candles, and lanterns, which create a cozy vibe. You can also add small lighting fixtures such as sconces and lamps, which replace heavy lighting of the recent past, such as track and can lighting, which as times can be overbearing.

Marble surfaces

Marble has quickly become one of the hottest materials for fall decor, no matter where it’s used. Marble tables, candle holders, kitchen shelving, mantles, and other things can be purchased to make your home look chic and trendy. While it may be a little more pricey than other things, the appearance will be well worth the extra cash.

Getting ahead of the season by finishing your interior decor earlier than your peers will make you seem like a trendsetter and give a warm feel to your home. The changes don’t have to be drastic. Just combine a few simple tips with your own tastes and you’ll have something everyone can enjoy.


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