Fall Mantle Home Decor Ideas


fall mantelpiece decor

Your mantelpiece in the living room or family room is a vital focal point. Here are ways to embrace the fall season, with your mantelpiece as a key location.


Shorter days and cooler weather are a sure sign that fall is around the corner. If you’re looking to update your seasonal decor, there’s no easier time to do it than fall and no better spot than the mantel. There are plenty of fun and unique ways to bring the warmth of fall into your home with a mantel fit for this abundant season.

Bring the outdoors in

This season is full of natural beauties you can use to decorate your mantel. Pumpkins, gourds, and squash in shades of orange, yellow, and green make perfect anchors for your mantel. Then, add accents with twigs of bittersweet and fall leaves. You can even sprinkle a few acorns and pinecones around for a nice mix of color and texture.

Make your own wreath

If you normally have a wreath made with summer flowers hanging above your mantel you can easily replace it with a fall wreath you made on your own. Simply pick up a foam wreath form from the craft store and decide which colors and elements you would like to add to your wreath.

For example, you can divide dried wheat into bunches and tuck them into layers, or you can take handfuls of nuts and acorns and glue them onto the form. Add color to either wreath by placing a few fall leaves in shades of red and orange in different spots around the form.

autumn wreath close up

(image: Jo Naylor)

Decorate with warm colors

Warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange are synonymous with fall and no fall mantel would be complete without incorporating them. For an extra pop on your mantel, consider decorating with complementing colors from the color wheel.

For example, twigs with bright orange leaves in blue vases will make a bold statement. If you’d like a little extra shine in your mantel you can also work in warm metallic colors like gold, bronze, and copper.

Use a bouquet of leaves

If you normally have a vase of flowers on your mantel, consider switching it up with a bouquet of leaves. The bright and vivid colors of fall leaves make a beautiful presentation in the room and it’s an incredibly simple look to achieve. Either snip some small branches with colorful leaves from a tree in your yard or buy some branches with silk leaves from a craft store for a look you can use again year after year.

Work in some candles

Candles are an easy way to bring warmth to any mantel. Consider using candles in the same shades of red and orange as the rest of your mantel decorations for a cohesive look. You can also add a new twist to a simple white candle by wrapping it in birch bark. This easy task will bring some rustic charm to your mantel and tie in nicely with other outdoor elements you use to decorate.

Keep these simple decorating tips in mind when you want to warm your home and mantel for the fall season.






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