Family Photos: The Most Personal Home Decor

Contemporary Family Room design by Dallas Interior Designer Beth Dotolo, RID, ASID

Your family means everything. Your home is the place where you all gather, both for the good times and the bad. When you hear the old expression “Home is where the heart is,” it makes sense — because home is where your family is.

You love to show off your family. So why not showcase them in the way they deserve, by using photographs of those cherished moments as part of your home decor?

You likely already have plenty of family photographs in frames. They might be hanging around on the walls here and there, or gracing an end table, or even have their own special place on the mantle. But with a little ingenuity, you can turn those ho-hum pictures into an exciting, engaging piece of home decor that will get plenty of attention.

From a homemade collage to full-wall art, there are several ways to make good use of those family photos. No matter your budget, there is sure to be one that works for you. Here are just a few inspirations to get you started.

Family photo collage with accent wall

Make a tried-and-true matching collage. Choose photographs that depict the wide variety of personalities in your family, then put them into identical frames of varying sizes. Place them on the wall in a tasteful collage. If you are concerned about putting holes in the wall, opt for a long shelf that can hold several photographs in a row. Two or three shelves can work well for those who have plenty of pictures to share.

Does your collage need a little “oomph”? You can make that happen by painting the wall the collage is on. This works especially well if you paint only one wall, thus emphasizing it. It also works well if you have matted frames in a complementary color, as the painted wall can help bring it all together into one large work of art.

Finding vintage frames for family photos

Hit up antique stores and salvage yards to find old frames that suit an older home. If you love your old Victorian, why not decorate a wall with several modern photographs tucked into gilded frames? You can group them together for emphasis or let each photograph speak for itself in individual nooks and crannies.

Canvas prints and artist renderings

Forget the frames and go with canvas instead. Choose your favorite photographs and have them recreated as professional canvas prints. These prints are very lightweight and look great with both modern and traditional decors. Go all-out with a full-wall canvas print. If you have a particularly wonderful family portrait that you really want to show off, consider a full-wall print that can be applied like wallpaper. These prints might be expensive, but the ambiance they create can be worth the money.

Get really creative with the help of a talented artist. Turn over some of your most cherished photographs and ask the artist to create a rendering of your loved ones on canvas or paper. Then frame the results and use that as the centerpiece of your family-oriented wall.

Magnetized family photo displays

If you want a very rustic and crafty feel, pick up a magnetized board at the store and invest in strong, pretty magnets to go with it. Use this board to create a collage of photographs. You can change them up on a whim, pull a photograph down to show your guests or even add other little cherished tokens, thus creating a family history that goes much deeper than the photos.

Memories are treasures – show them off

From baby pictures to college graduation to how amazing she looked in that wedding gown, family pictures preserve the best of our memories. Make those memories speak loud and clear by giving them a great platform from which to declare their beauty.

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