Family Room: Ideas To Creating One In Your Home

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If your home has no designated space for gatherings, get your family together to create one! Here are some family room ideas when you don’t have a traditional family room.


Family; it’s so important, but sadly often taken for granted in these busy times. When everyone comes home they may retire to separate areas of the home, especially if your family has no designated family room. But even if it’s just once a week, family time is important so it’s time to create an area of your home for this purpose.

Get your family in on the action by asking for their input on their family room ideas, and where to create a designated family time area. Then work together to create a place your family will enjoy meeting in on a regular basis. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

The kitchen

This is an ideal place to gather for family meals or to bake together, but also useful for games and other crafty activities that require a table, since you likely already have one in there.

However getting together for games, or especially to eat, around the kitchen table won’t be much fun if everyone is squeezed in or the chairs are uncomfortable. Invest in a new table to comfortably fit everyone and make a family event of reupholstering the chairs, or choosing new ones.

An unused alcove/corner

If you have a large room such as a living room or dining room, putting a table in the corner shouldn’t be too hard to do. Same if you have an alcove anywhere in your home – or even a large, wide hallway. Get creative and build a table that can fit nicely into one of these unconventional spaces!


If you aren’t using your garage for your car then clean it up a bit and use some of the extra space in there to set up your family area!

You can simply organize it and maybe insulate it a bit, or go all out and divide it into a separate room by adding some walls and carpeting. I know lots of people who have converted half, or all, of their garage into another room.

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This idea is similar to the garage idea. Chances are you can clean up/out enough from these areas to create a space for family time.


If the weather co-operates and you have a nice yard, or if you live in a warm year-round climate, this is an excellent place to gather! It’s so great to connect with nature and get some fresh air while with your family.

Get a sturdy table and enough chairs for everyone to sit at. Or designate a nice, even area of your lawn for active games. Create a tarp or some kind or install an awning to protect against wind, sun, or other elements.

A cozy space

Maybe for family chats or movie nights your family just wants a cozy area to snuggle in. Have everyone choose (or make!) a fancy blanket and pillow to use for these times and snuggle up on the floor or pile everyone on the master bed.


Once you have chosen and made your space, personalize it even further. Get family input on how they would like the area painted and what they would like to see for art and other decorations. Have a painting party as your first family event in your new space!

Keep accountable!

Once you make an area specifically for family, don’t let it become a dumping ground for random stuff. Have everyone pitch in to keep it clean and organized on a regular basis, and ready for your weekly family activities.

Keep flexible with it as well – change up your area every so often as your children age, or the activities you choose evolve over time. The last thing you want is for your family to dread ‘boring, old family time’!

Your family fun

Where does your family do group activities? Let us know what special areas of your home you designate for family time, and how you have personalized it!


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