Fancy, fancy, fancy – Matching Stone Counters with Floors

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So I am going to go a little bit off topic today, but just a little. I want to talk about matching up travertine sinks and vanities with flooring. Why do I want to do this today, you ask? Basically because this is my bathroom and I welcome any input from people that may be better designers than myself!

Here is the deal. I have a very nice beige travertine sink (as seen below) and a vanity top (also seen below) but what to do with the floor right? Do you want to match it to the sink and vanity? Is that too much beige? Do you want to go darker and add some contrast? Or some color of wood to compliment? All great questions I know. Right now I am leaning towards matching the floor and adding contrast with wall paint and cabinet color. Current trends would lead me towards a dark colored cabinet. Thoughts?

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Marc McPherson