Father’s Day Gifts From The Heart

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When I was a kid, Father’s Day gifts were the obligatory tie and some golf balls (since it was actually golfing season!). Occasionally we’d get our Dad some garden tools, but he never seemed overjoyed. No wonder. We were going through the motions based on our consumptive society dictates. Yes, that was prevalent even 50 years ago!

I googled ‘Father’s Day’ to get inspired to write this. Link after link led to online and brick ‘n’ mortar businesses. They are pushing shavers, underwear, travel bags, sports accessories and tickets, technology (phones, TVs, iTunes gift cards, etc), mail order steak subscriptions and anything else a typical American father might want. Buy, buy, buy is the message! One more holiday is upon us when we are expected to shop for gifts that are thoughtless, unwelcome, unnecessary and destined for the trash on Monday morning.

Most of these items I couldn’t relate to. Do I live such an out-of-the-ordinary life that these things feel unusual to me?! I can’t imagine any of my friends getting excited about these gifts.

An informal survey about what Dads really want for Father’s Day

I was in a quandary about what a good gift is for dad. I took an informal survey of my male friends to see what they would like for Father’s Day. Not one answer contained a tangible item. My guys want to go fishing, and hope for sunny weather. They want cancer-free lives for their kids and grandkids, and they want to see the world freed from greed and pollution. They want to BBQ with their families or spend a week backpacking with their little ones. They want loving partners.

No one said they wanted a tie, a tennis racket, a 48” TV, or socks and underwear. To be cliché-ish, they all want something money can’t buy – making memories with people they love.

Gifts from the heart

Get creative, and show your dad, grandfather, partner or husband how you feel by making something. These are the real gifts, because they come from the heart.

I made cards for my dad for every occasion. When he died and we were cleaning out his desk, I discovered he’d saved every single one from the time I could color. There was even a macaroni pin I’d made for him in Girl Scouts 40 years before! These are the things he treasured, not the tie or the golf balls. Of course, while he was alive and raising us, he showed few clues for his preferences. I understood how he felt when I opened that desk drawer.

A gold mine of ideas!

I found a treasure chest full of creative and love-inspired ideas on this Pinterest board of homemade gifts. They are all kid-related, which is appropriate, since it is a holiday for dads! These are the things he will treasure for the rest of his life. Bet on it.

Here’s to all the men who know what’s truly valuable in life – the people that love them.


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