Faux Stone Siding For A Beautiful Home Facade

Faux stone siding is a good way to customize your home without the need to invest in real stone exterior siding materials. But, this surface goes beyond just house siding.


I have a particular affection for stone homes. Where I’m from, stone homes are “traditional”; old, majestic houses and mansions were built by hand, stone by stone. So it always gives me a tinge of nostalgia when I see one.

But nowadays, it’s rare that new homes are built with stone. It’s a lengthy, labor-intensive process, and there are much quicker ways to put a house together. But there are still those who want the stone look without the associated time and cost.

Faux stone siding slate stone iron panel

StoneWorks label faux stone siding features the look of real stone, with a greater ease at managing it on site, and installing it, too.

Thankfully, faux stone siding panels for home exteriors are a thing that exist. Which means that you can apply this siding to the exterior walls of your home, and have a stone look without having to actually install them stone by stone, or knock down any walls.

Amazing, you say? Yes, yes it is.

Faux stone siding features

Faux stone siding is usually made of polyurethane, a hard plastic. The best faux stone siding products are made from real stone casts, which makes them look very realistic. Even from up close, it’s difficult to tell that it isn’t real stone.

This casting technique makes all kinds of styles available: from brick and packed stone to real rock face. Detailed, realistic colors make for beautiful stone, brick or rock siding that’ll fit any style.

Slate stone rose panel faux stone siding

Faux stone siding can be used on any stable substrate, and used for decorative walls as well as for siding (“Rose panel” slate stone series from BuildDirect).

Installation wise, faux stone siding is easier than it seems; DIYers can easily and quickly install it without professional help. Because it’s made of plastic, the siding is light and easy to cut as well. All you need are your standard tools and screws, and adhesives.

But more than a beautiful exterior, siding has another advantage: it gives your home extra insulation, saving energy (and money). And the resale value of your home increases as well.

Faux stone siding ideas

The first (and most obvious) way to use stone siding is to cover your entire home exterior with it. It’s traditional, it’s easy to plan for, and it gives your home a harmonious look. But it’s not the only thing you can do with stone siding.

One idea is to add a band of stone siding at the bottom of your home, and extend it along the entire perimeter of the house. This technique makes your home look larger, but can make it look shorter in height. It all depends on the siding-to-wall proportion.


Faux stone used in an interior application for an old world sophisticated effect. (StoneWorks Faux Stone Siding “Amber” ).

For a multi-story home, you can use siding on the bottom section, and another kind of wall surface on the top section. This will enhance your home’s height and make it more visually interesting. Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials for a more original look.

For modern homes with a “block” look, using stone siding on one block section will enhance its modern architecture. It will bring attention to the varied sizes and heights of the blocks. This is a very popular technique in home construction right now.


Faux stone “Amber” used in an exterior application as a means to provide visual and textural contrast.

If your home is larger and has several sections that show in the exterior as well, you can go all in and use a few different siding styles. Alternating between two siding types will give your home plenty of visual interest that wouldn’t happen if the siding was all the same everywhere.

If your style is more modest, you can add a bit of stone siding to one section of the house, like the entrance. This will frame the entrance of your home and give it a nice little beauty boost, without the trouble of adding siding everywhere else. You can also use this technique to frame any other exterior element of your home, like a large window or a porch.

You can have what you want

Stone siding is affordable and easy to install. You can use it on older homes to refresh its look. If you’ve always dreamed of an elegant stone siding but never found a home that already has it, you don’t need wait anymore.

Do you like faux stone siding? How would you use it on your current home? Let us know in the comments!


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