Feeling Right At Home: 8 Fall Essentials For Comfort Seekers

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Comfort seekers, rejoice! Fall’s the time to hoard cookies and cocoon into a cozy nest of blankets. With these at-home essentials, you’ll do fall your way.


Whether pretty leaves and cuddly sweaters feel like home—or pumpkin spice is your spirit animal—fall was made for comfort seekers. So hand over the hot chocolate and nobody gets hurt. (Don’t you dare skimp on the marshmallows.) Grab a blanket. Pull up a chair. It’s time to get comfy.

8 Fall Home Essentials

1. Fluffy Slippers

Maybe you’re not ready to bust out the socks just yet. Because: sometimes putting on socks is just too much effort. Besides, you have better things to do. (Like sip cocoa and hibernate in a fortress of blankets.)

For comfort seekers, everything’s a sensory experience. And nothing says “I’m home” like slipping your aching feet into a pair of cozy slippers.

2. A Roaring Fire

There’s something therapeutic about basking in front of the fireplace on a cold fall day. (It’s the little things in life.) To stay warm and toasty this fall, add a gas or wood-burning fireplace to your humble abode. Fireplaces, a comfort seeker’s dream, really up the warmth, style, and coziness factor.

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3. Hot Drinks

Whether it’s a peppermint mocha with extra sprinkles, marshmallow-stuffed cocoa (mmmm), or apple cider, everyone has their go-to fall drink. What’s more indulgent than luxuriating on the couch and sipping a hot drink on a chilly fall day? (The world is ours, comfort seekers.)

4. Pillows and Blankets

Every self-respecting comfort seeker has extra pillows and blankets stowed away for comfort emergencies—like cuddling with your favorite tomcat (of the feline variety) or staying in to marathon Netflix. (Pillow forts aren’t just for kids, ya know.)

5. Comforting Scents

Cinnamon-spiced cider. Chocolate-chip cookies. Pumpkin pie. (Are you hungry yet?) The scents of the season bring us back to a simpler time—the days where Donald Trump’s hair didn’t confuse us, and eating batter out of the bowl was OK (didn’t they know about salmonella in the ‘80s?).

For maximum comfort this fall, fill your home with scents that bring you to your “happy place.” If you have a delicate nose, and artificial fragrances aren’t your jam, try making your own scents. (Check out my previous post for tips on deodorizing your home naturally.)

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If all else fails, boil up some cider or mulled wine with cloves. Heck, why not toss in another batch of cookies while you’re at it? Your nose and taste buds will thank you.

6. Luxurious Fabrics

How can you possibly get comfy with crispy, lackluster blankets and pillows that fall flat? (Comfort is serious business, folks.) When choosing blankets, pillows, and throws, go for natural fabrics that keep you warm and feel buttery-soft to the touch. Think blended wool, faux fur, chenille, cotton, and fleece.

7. Soothing Colors

Shades of blue or dusty, muted shades of other colors are thought to be the most calming. Think hues of dusty rose, grey blues, beige, or lavender. But comfort is a truly personal experience, so go with the colors that make you feel relaxed.

8. Calming Sights

What feels like serenity to you? For extra comfort, choose design features and visual cues that evoke a sense of inner calm. If the sight of fresh flowers relaxes you, tuck some into that coffee table vase. If you like soft, muted colors, weave them throughout your space.

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