Fenced In: Different Perimeter Fencing Approaches

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Fencing, it seems boring and limited in options, but really isn’t.

Sometimes, when I wander my neighbourhood and admire homes, I’m often struck by the creative and beautiful fencing I can find. There are some stone-wall fences sprouting mosses of all kinds after a century or more of exposure. Some places have bound twigs for Hobbiton-style yards, others love their ornate metalwork.

Any way you want it, there’s a whole world of ideas out there for great fencing.

photo 2

image: Steffani Cameron

There are lots of real reasons for fences – like deer and other wildlife on the prowl, keeping little people close to home, territorial sentiments, and more – but there’s no reason fences need to be boring about doing their jobs.

So let’s take a boo, then, at some really sensational fences you might want to consider emulating if you want a fence that adds value and style to your property. Keep in mind, all of these are just in one neighborhood. Imagine the possibilities that must exist elsewhere!

Classic Cool

No matter how newfangled the world, no matter what cool new fences come out, I will always, always love picket fencing. Other standards stay standards because they’re functional, look good, and don’t interfere with the house’s appeal.

white picket fence

` image: Steffani Cameron

Old-School with a New-School Twist

Then there’s those who take traditional fencing and mix it with their genius, like a now-moved artist who did this amazing fence in my neighbourhood.

Mixed with stained glass, amazing woodworking, and fascinating patterns, there’s few fences out there that have the creative funk of this stunner that somehow worked well with its century-old heritage home.

Metal: Modern and Otherwise

From ironwork to stamped aluminum, there’s a whole lot of metal fencing out there for your consideration. It comes down to style preferences, and just because metal’s often more modern-looking doesn’t mean it has to be used that way. They did use iron in the 1800s, so some local homes in my area from the 1880s have modern metal fences, styled as a throwback to older iron fences.

photo 3

image: Steffani Cameron

In high-traffic areas, metal fences can be of impact-grade, looking good while protecting property. In rural areas, you can trust metal to be tough enough to keep pesky deer and others where they belong.

Creative and ornamental

Looking pretty is hard work, too. Sometimes, your fence isn’t just about saying “Keep out” but rather for proclaiming the lay of your land, your kingdom, your hamlet. It’s not just the perimeter of your property, it’s the start of something good. I’m in love with the twig-and-branch creative fence around a local lavish-garden character home near me.

photo 2

image: Steffani Cameron

It serves purpose, is inspiring, and says that someone who really loves being creative lives on the other side.

Supporting characters

There are amazing vines and climbing plants that can grow quickly and keep adding beauty for years.

photo 5

image: Steffani Cameron

All they need to become a dramatic statement on your property is a great trellis-topped fence, or even a fantastic driftwood-and-branches style creation like above. It needs to be strong enough to handle the hanging masses, and durable enough to resist wet foliage hanging on it throughout the seasons, like the sturdy fence here, supporting some gorgeous wisteria vines.


Maybe you’ve got a collection of hockey sticks you can cut down, or old bamboo poles to reuse, or shipping pallets, or old barnyard lumber, or driftwood, or, yes, like this photo here, old boxspring mattresses you’re patient enough to deconstruct. I absolutely love this use of a rusty old boxspring, since it not only provides a boundary, but a future home for climbing plants of all kinds.

Instagram user and blogging wunderkind Cath Duncan, @CathD, took this close-up of a well-used mattress fence. It’s just got so much style and uniqueness to it, something we all should strive for.

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