Fiber Cement Siding The Redefines Your Exteriors

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cerber river rock fiber cement siding builddirect

Fiber cement siding looks just like real wood. This is “river rock” fiber cement siding that features a two-tone painting process to give it that rustically worn, real wood look.

Fiber cement siding is a revolutionary surface for home exteriors. Here is the lowdown on fiber cement, and why it might make for the best siding option for your home exterior. 


As winter gives way to spring, many homeowners will be spending more hours outdoors getting gardens started and sprucing up the exteriors of their homes. The exterior of your home can do so much to communicate the personality and value of your home. Discover how fiber cement siding can make a bold statement about your home and give it a fresh, new look.

Bold Colors and Textures

If you’ve ever felt limited by the narrow selection of colors and textures available with other types of siding, it’s time you took a closer look at the wide variety of options available with fiber cement siding. The possibilities are nearly endless with fiber cement siding, and each combination has the potential to transform your home completely.

Opt for a warm-toned siding like deep orange, golden yellow, or bold red, and draw on the hues of the most vibrant moments of the summer and fall seasons. Try out a more muted warm tone for a grounded, earthy appeal that will stay in style for ages. On the other end of the spectrum, bask in cool colors that echo the best tones from nature, like classic navy, fresh robin’s egg blue, or leafy green. Choose timeless gray tones for a home that will continue to look great for years to come.

Browse red and yellow range fiber cement.

Simple or specialized exterior surfaces

old cherry fiber cement siding

“Old Cherry” fiber cement siding from BuildDirect.

With fiber cement siding, you can design a look that’s as simple or as specialized as you desire. Make your home the talk of the town by incorporating an intricate blend of multiple body and trim colors. Go with a classic look, and choose complementary body, trim, and accent colors for your home. You can even create a daringly subtle appearance for your home by opting for just a single siding color.

While some siding materials fall short with just one or two texture choices, fiber cement siding offers numerous options for texture. Give your home a sleek look with smooth siding, or go for a rustic appearance with tastefully antiqued fiber cement siding. Create a classic clapboard look with weathered shingles, or get classic with wood grain fiber cement siding. All siding options have a realistic look, whether you opt for wood grain or a smooth surface.

Great curb appeal

Along with giving your home a fresh, new look, fiber siding also lends great curb appeal. Enhance a historic home with fiber cement shingle siding, or boost a contemporary appearance with smooth siding and vertical lines. No matter what type of appearance you want to achieve, fiber cement siding can help you take it to new heights.

Give your home even more curb appeal with decorative elements that complement the scene set by your siding. Professional landscaping that enhances the natural terrain and outdoor tones, lighting that calls attention to the lines and colors of your home’s exterior, and fencing and furniture that create a complete look all give your home serious curb appeal. Not only will this take your pride of ownership to new heights, but it will also turn heads all across your neighborhood.

rustic mahogany fiber cement siding

“Rustic mahogany” fiber cement siding for maximum curb appeal.

Increased material re-use and recycle quotients

For some homeowners, appearance is everything. For many others, however, value is more than just skin deep. If you’ve been searching for a siding material that has re-use and recycle principles built right in, fiber cement fits that bill nicely.

Not only do some fiber cement siding products rely on recycled materials, but some also depend on construction byproducts. Opting for a stylish exterior made with sustainable materials sends a powerful message to your neighborhood about your commitment to preserving the environment.

Browse for premium 2-coat finish fiber cement.

Extended Durability

While no siding offers a permanent solution, fiber cement boasts much more sturdiness and stability than many other options. Not only does extended durability add to the overall value of this exterior option, but installing fiber cement siding also means increased safety and less maintenance over time.

Not all siding types hold up and look great for decades, but fiber cement generally requires very little maintenance. Most come already painted with a durable exterior coat, which means you won’t have to repaint or even retouch your home’s siding for decades.


Fiber cement siding is offered in planks and in shingles like these in either even edge or staggered edge (as in the above) options.

Due to an innovative production process and carefully considered materials, fiber cement siding also has the unique ability to resist both moisture and impacts. With such a low interior moisture content, this type of siding also tends not to crack or split, either during installation or many years down the road. Without cracks or moisture damage, your siding can look as good as new for years to come.

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The exceptional quality of construction also means that fiber cement siding isn’t susceptible to insect infestation, rotting, or even ultraviolet (UV) damage. This type of siding also has impressive fire and storm resistance, which means you won’t have to worry about your family’s safety in extreme conditions. Most manufacturers offer 25-year, 50-year, or even limited lifetime warranties to guarantee durability.

Increased Resale Value

Making major improvements to roofing and siding can significantly increase your home’s resale value. Some, however, come with such high price tags that they might not be worth the investment. Due to its low cost and affordable installation process, fiber cement siding is one of the more cost-effective exterior improvements homeowners can make.

Though fiber cement siding provides an instant upgrade for your home, this is also an enhancement that lasts for years to come. Since it improves your home’s appearance, adds fire and storm resistance, and lasts for decades with little maintenance, fiber cement siding is a smart choice for homeowners looking to increase their home’s retail value.

A bold new direction

Whether you’re seeking a new look at an affordable price or a way to increase the overall value of your home, replacing outdated siding can be a smart move. No matter what type of curb appeal you’re looking for, adding fiber cement siding can help you take your home in a bold new direction.




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