Firm Footing: Slate Tile Flooring


One particular variety of natural stone flooring that is becoming more and more popular is slate. The popularity of slate tile can be attributed to many factors, although versatility of slate tile is certainly one of the more obvious ones. Slate tile can be used practically anywhere from a kitchen, to a front hallway, to a bathroom, and in outdoor uses such as pool surrounds and patio tile.

In addition to this versatility, slate features one of the most naturally slip-resistant surfaces available. For areas where this is important – in the front entrance way of a commercial or public property, or in a bathroom where wetness is expected, for instance – slate delivers one of the most durable and decorative surfaces available, as well as being a highly practical surface to greatly reduce the possibility of slipping on your floor. So, as you can see, slate tile flooring certainly offers a wide range of advantages. But where does slate come from exactly, and how is it prepared for use as tile?

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Peter Phillips