Fissures & Resin Treatment

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I am often asked by customers if our granite is 1st quality and free of fissures, pin holes, so I decided to share this information for the benefit of those who are buying granite.


A fissure is a natural formation within a single intact mass of stone.  Fissure is not a defect, so no need to panic if you see one. The fissure was formed when two separate flows of hot magma merge into a single mass. The fissure was there when it was quarried, when the factory cut the block into a slab, and it will always be there deep in the stone.

Pin holes

Pin hole is also natural to stone formed due to trapped air or foreign particles in the stone, during the cooling and solidification process.

Resin Treatment

Resin is used to fill the fissures or pin holes before polishing the surface. Thanks to the vacuum, the resin filters deeper through the narrow fissures of the stone and the granite, thus ensuring a better renewal of the slabs. The vacuum resined slabs gain a better polish as every fissure, even the narrowest one, is filled with resin.

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