Five Fun Décor Ideas for a Child’s Bedroom

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Décor Ideas for a Child's Bedroom

A child’s bedroom should be much more than a place for sleeping. It should be a playroom, an art studio, a social hub, a place where they can explore their imagination and creativity and be all parts of themselves. Think outside the box and consider these five fun décor ideas to set your children’s bedrooms apart.

Add a Hiding Spot

Supercharge their hide-and-seek game with a clever hiding spot. Just don’t be surprised if your children seek refuge here when it’s time for baths and bed!

Adding walls to enclose a child’s bed is a great way to create a bedroom hiding spot. Cut away a hidey-hole, large enough for your child to fit through easily, even when he or she grows.

While the hiding spot will be an obvious choice for games, it will also provide a cozy, safe space for reading and quiet play. The world can seem enormous to children, so they often feel more comfortable in cozy spaces like a hiding spot. The hiding spot will also give your child a space for creative, independent play, away from the eyes of the outside world.

“Although we require more freedom of movement as we grow up, the comfort of being contained never disappears,” child psychologist Dorothy Einon once told Junior magazine. “While a small space without an easy escape can be claustrophobic, one with an easy exit gives us enough security to let go of pent-up feelings.”

Set Up a Canopy Over the Bed

Décor Ideas for a Child's Bedroom

A canopy can give any child’s bedroom a whimsical, nostalgic feel. It’ll also create a similar kind of cozy, enclosed space to the hiding spot with far less effort. If you don’t feel as confident with home improvement projects, this is the DIY job for you.

Simply hang a piece of wooden dowel, the same length as your canopy, from the ceiling of your child’s bedroom. Choose the dowel’s position carefully, as this determines your canopy’s height. Then lay a length of fabric over the top of the dowel — instant canopy!

As with the hiding hole, canopies create secret spaces that give children the privacy they need to thrive.

“It is absolutely essential to remember that children need some time and space away from the adult gaze,” explained Tim Gill, the former director of the Children’s Play Council. “In their secret places, all kinds of imaginative processes come into play. At the same time, they are experiencing their first taste of independence.”

Add Personality With Wall Art

Décor Ideas for a Child's Bedroom

Wall art is a great way to add personality to any room, including a child’s bedroom. Involve your children in the selection process to make sure your wall art reflects their own sense of style.

If you’re on a budget, try to steer your kids away from wall art they’re likely to outgrow though, such as cutesy prints or art featuring contemporary cartoon characters. Instead, encourage them to choose timeless prints they’ll still love when they become teenagers or ones you’d be proud to hang in a guest bedroom or home office once they fly the nest.

Think outside the box when it comes to wall art. While framed prints and canvases are timeless options, they’re not your only choices. Wall stickers and decals can instantly transform a boring, block-colored wall into a feature for any child’s room. Sticker and decal sets have several different pieces you can arrange for a unique, personalized look. You can also move these components around whenever you want a brand-new look for your child’s room. They won’t damage the walls underneath them either, so they’re ideal for renters and homeowners thinking about their property’s resale value.

Character box frames help you create three-dimensional wall art. Use these frames to display treasured soft toys, baby booties, or other special items you can’t bear to part with.

Don’t reserve bunting for parties. Colorful bunting spelling out your child’s name can bring a festive feel to a bedroom. String the bunting against any wall or across a headboard or bookshelf to add interest to your furniture.

Your children’s best artworks deserve more than time on the fridge. Instead, give them pride of place in their bedrooms. You could keep a frame free for artworks that can be swapped out whenever your child creates something new. Or if your child is particularly prolific, hang a length of ribbon along a bare wall. Attach paper clips or small pegs to the ribbon; then clip and unclip artworks for an ever-changing personal gallery.

Decorate With a Camping Theme

Décor Ideas for a Child's Bedroom

Themed décor can transform a child’s bedroom into a completely new place. If your child longs for school camping trips, a camping bedroom theme can help them feel like they’re on vacation every day.

Bunk beds are a must for any summer camp-themed bedroom. The simpler, the better to replicate the no-frills feel of their favorite camping cabins. Wood panel walls continue the theme. Keep the color palette neutral, with just a pop of color on accents such as the comforters on the bed.

Add a Rock Climbing Wall

Décor Ideas for a Child's Bedroom

A rock climbing wall is a great addition to the bedrooms of active children. This unique piece of play equipment is also easier to set up than you think. Simply attach some climbing holds to the wall, and you’re done. For an added challenge, cover the wall with pins, which let you move the climbing holds to any position, depending on your child’s mood and abilities.

With an energy-burning, rock climbing wall in their bedrooms, don’t be surprised if your children are always tuckered out before lights out. If you live in a multistory house, take advantage of the upper levels. Create a hole in the ceiling of your child’s bedroom, so he or she can use the climbing wall to reach the next floor. If you’re really ambitious, you could even extend the rock climbing wall up through the room above your child’s!

Getting sent to their rooms will be no punishment when your children’s bedrooms features some of these fun décor ideas.

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