Fixing a squeaky hardwood floor

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I found an article in the San Francisco Chronicle which gives some great advice on the common problem of a how to fix a squeaky hardwood floor.

The flooring in question is a vintage hardwood flooring in a building constructed in 1912.  And the cause of the squeaks?  A piano.  Well more specifically, a piano being moved across it.  The weight of the instrument as it was rolled along the boards caused the nails to loosen, becoming even more loose as they were walked upon after the piano was moved.

Upright pianoThe crux of the advice is that this is a fixable problem, one you can make for yourself. In any case, I suggest you give it a read – and let me know what you think!

And for more information about moving a piano, complete with a video, check out, which not only talks about the subtle art of piano moving, but also about some best practices on how to move your furniture without damaging your floors.



Upright piano image courtesy of Pa1nt

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