Fixing Chipped Edge on Natural Stone

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Granite being hard and brittle, the edges can get chipped if not handled gently on work tops. Small chips on counter top edges can be restored to its original beauty in an inexpensive way. Many products are available in the market and Bonstone Natural Stone Repair Kit is one of them which I would recommend for natural and engineered stone. This small kit features our UV stable Last PatchTM Gel repair compound and three basic colors for tinting. This kit features easy repair and color matching for granite, marble and limestone surfaces. Remove unsightly chips and scratches on stone surfaces.
Kit includes:
2 oz Kit of Last Patch Gel
1 oz of each: Buff, White and Black Tint
.5 oz of Last Patch Accelerator
Mix Stick and Razor Blades

Please visit Natural Stone Restoration Alliance website for further details.

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