Fixing squeaky floors and more

I found this article, from popular mechanics no less,  that sheds some light on seven tips of home repair, one of which is fixing a squeaky floor.  The article  covers nicks, scratches, and even burn marks on wood surfaces, including hardwood flooring.

Who needs magic sliders?  Image courtesy of Rick M

Who needs magic sliders? Image courtesy of Rick M

There is a feeling, once damage has been done to a wood surface like a floor, that there is no going back, that there is no way to easily rectify the situation, that you’re stuck.  The great thing about the article is that most of the fixes described involve materials you’ve got around the house anyway.

The first part of fixing a problem like this, in my experience is that calming feeling you get when you realise that you’re not stuck, and that it’s no big deal – because you’ve got it covered!

Take a look!



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