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As a progressive culture, one of our favorite things to do is to look back at past fashions and laugh – but hindsight is surely twenty-twenty. In our home décor we’ve gone from the brightly colorful 70s to the geometric 80s; from the clean-cut, white-walled 90s into the retro-revisited 2000s … and everywhere in between. These days we think we’ve got it all figured out but who knows what future decades will think of the 2010s?

Until then, let’s revisit the history of tile and vinyl flooring and wallpaper – the design elements that have arguably undergone the most changes across the years. From humble wood-grains to gaudy designs, enjoy this blast from the past.

Think you have flooring that’s even more shocking, tackier, or wilder that the stuff here? Feel free to let us know and maybe we can add it to the list!

1. Sandy Tetris

Stone look vinyl flooring

2. Textured Dots

Retro Mosaic Ceramic Tile

3. Brown Boxes

70s Vinyl Flooring

4. Oh So 80s

80s linoleum flooring

5. 70s Prints

1970's Wallpaper prints

6. 80s Uber Modern

80s Style Porcelain Tile

7. Walking Headache

Very Ugly 1980s Vinyl Floor

8. Christmas Wrapping Paper

3 types of lino flooring incl. avocado

9. More Christmas Wrapping Paper

10. Mosaic Dirt

Awful laminate composite tile

11. Blue Box Bathroom

Old blue ceramic tile

12. Shout Out to Dammasch

Vinyl flooring

13. Clovers

floral print flooring

14. Boring Boxes

Wood flooring mixed with ceramic tile

15. Lime

17. Room for Squares

awful blue vinyl tile

Image via

18. Vintage Kitchen Floor

awful 1980s kitchen with ugly vinyl floor

19. 60s flooring

bright 1960s ceramic tile designs

20. White Wash

22. Grandma’s Floral

ruined hardwood flooring and vinyl floor

23. Tacky Sampler A

selection of commercial vinyl  tile

24. Tacky Sampler B

bright colored vinyl tile

25. Tacky Sampler C

composite vinyl tile - greens and browns

26. Tacky Sampler D

ugly laminate tile

27. Tacky Sampler E

commercial vinyl tile flooring

28. Tacky Sampler F

commercial linoleum tile flooring


Ok folks the masses have spoken. Apparently no ugly flooring collection is complete without some shag carpets. Here are some doozies. Enjoy!

29. Green Shag

[/caption]30. Blast from the Past – Burnt Orange Shag Rug

Burnt orange ugly shag carpet

31. Throw up. Who’d Notice? – Red Shag Rug

32. Early 90s Mistake – Teal Green Shag Carpet

teal green shag carpet

33. Shaggin’ Wagon – Golden Brown Shag Carpet

golden brown shag carpet

34. Not Exactly Amber Waves of Grain – Harvest Gold Shag Carpet

harvest gold shag carpet

35. I‘m Getting Seasick – Blue Shag Carpet

blue shag carpeting

Think you have one that’s uglier? Send it to us at and leave a comment below. We’ll send the ten ugliest floors some BuildDirect swag!

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