Flooring Superhero’s Arsenal: Pads and Sliders

In the last in our series of 4 flooring superhero’s arsenal posts, we talk about another unsung tool in your utility belt; floor pads and sliders for your furniture legs.

Here’s the thing. Your wood floors are durable, sure.  They’re designed to be.  But, they’re not indestructible, especially where metal scraping against their surfaces are concerned.  Damage can occur when you’re moving your furniture, whether it’s because you’re rearranging it, whether your moving out of your house or into a new one, or whether you have kids and/or pets, who like to jump on furniture, let’s face it.

But, as a flooring superhero, you’re hardly without resources.  And one of these resources is the garden variety floor pad or slider, a preventative measure to protect your wood floors, and make them ready for peaceful co-existence with your furniture, and with the denizens of your household, whether on two legs or four. The fact is, movement of furniture is inevitable, even if you plan to stay in your home for the rest of your life. When someone sits on a chair or a sofa, or climbs into bed, that piece of furniture will move.

Here’s where you can take action.

Furniture pads can be purchased at any home improvement center, and in various sizes and shapes that make the most sense for whatever pieces of furniture you’ve got.  When I bought them, I chose Magic Sliders.  But, there are other brands to consider for the same reason I bought mine; the avoidance of scratches and gouging on a laminate, or real wood floor.

Of course, there are other types of sliders that are designed to move heavy furniture easily, no matter what kind of surface you have.  Take a look at this variety of slider, that will help you move a heavy piece of furniture with ease:

For more information about this product, click through to the Installer Tools Youtube Channel.

And that’s it, flooring superheroes! And if you rely on a certain tool to install and maintain a wood floor that I haven’t covered here, please let me know in the comments section of this post.



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