Flower Arrangement Notes For Specific Occasions

Fresh flowers always look good, no matter the occasion, as they brighten and beautify any space. However, you want to choose flower arrangements that have the best color combinations to match. Take a look at these six events and the best flower arrangements for each one. Then, you can make them yourself, or at least choose the species you want to include in a professional arrangement.

Valentine’s Day and anniversaries

Best colors: Red, white, pink

flower arrangment valentines day anniversary

(image: Till Westermayer)

People give flowers to show their love, which is why they are appropriate for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. The most traditional flower arrangements for these occasions are red roses and baby’s breath. Carnations also work well as corsages.

Mother’s Day

Best colors: yellow, purple, pink, light blue

mothers day flowers

According to Statistic Brain, 69 percent of people give their mothers flowers for Mother’s Day. This is because it’s an easy gift that can be given year after year. The best Mother’s Day flowers are large table arrangements with bright colors. You can’t go wrong with daisies, carnations, lilies, or lilacs.


Best colors: brown, yellow, orange, red

autumn flower arrangement in basket

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without a large centerpiece on the table. People often create flower arrangements to set the stage or build beautiful cornucopias. Common Thanksgiving flowers include sunflowers, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and dahlias. The best flower arrangements for Thanksgiving also include items other than flowers, such as small pumpkins and feathers.


Best colors: red, green, white

christmas bouquet

Just like Thanksgiving, Christmas is also a common time for family and friends to get together for a nice meal. And, you need a centerpiece for that, too. Poinsettias are always a nice option because they are in season and feature the red and green colors of Christmas. However, flower arrangements with holly, ivy, and mistletoe are also perfectly appropriate.


Best colors: white, seasonal

funeral flowers

Typically, one of the first things you see when you walk into a funeral home is a flower arrangement. They take many different forms — standard vase arrangements, sprays, and wreaths. Then, you walk into the viewing area where there are even more flower arrangements flanking the casket.

Mums and poppies are commonly used in funeral flower arrangements, but you will see almost every type of flower depending on the season. The flowers arrangements are sometimes transferred to the grave site, too, and it’s appropriate to bring flowers to the funeral.


Best colors: Wow. Ask the love birds! 

wedding flowers

Just like funerals, there are no standard flowers always used for weddings. Typically, the ones getting married choose their flower arrangements based on the season and their favorite colors and preferences. Roses and tulips are common choices because they come in so many different colors and look good for hours after they’re cut.

The choice of attire for the wedding party can also be an important factor here. For the purposes of this list, the arrangement of wedding flowers can go in nearly any direction, which is probably appropriate to the occasion and what it represents.

Flowers for every occasion

Flowers are appropriate for every holiday and every life event. They’re fun to make yourself, too. Plus, if you use silk flowers they never go bad and you don’t have to worry about family members with allergies. Use these flower arrangement ideas for your upcoming events.

What flower arrangements have you seen at special occasions have impressed you the most?

Do you tend to stick to your favorites when planning or choosing flower arrangements?

What are your go-to species that perhaps don’t appear above?

Tell us all about it in the comments section


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