Flowers And Their Vases: Two Home Decor Staples

“April showers bring May flowers”… or in the case of the Pacific Northwest, February showers bring March flowers. But let’s not argue with a proverb and just say that spring, with its colorful flowers and mild weather, is a great season–probably my favorite since I moved to this part of the country.

And how best to celebrate spring than with a great vase filled with fresh flowers on the dining table? After all, bringing a little of nature inside, especially when it’s blooming, will brighten up your home after the long winter months. Let’s have a look at some interesting vase and flower choices.

Traditional table bouquet

Let’s start with the traditional table bouquet. The most simple and possibly the best table centrepiece, the table bouquet is appropriate for any occasion–or no occasion at all.

The clever use of yellow and orange highlights the modern colors of this kitchen, especially the orange chairs. I love how this simple light wood table is the perfect stand for a clear, minimalist vase. I also like how the vase in the corner erases itself so the branches can look more dramatic against the white wall.

This casual dining room uses a fresh approach to the table bouquet: several single flowers in several small vases. This placement lets you use the flowers you picked during your morning walk instead of having to manage a big bouquet. The neutral colors of this kitchen let you can change the flowers according to the season and your mood.

Here’s a similar idea but executed differently: the bouquets are of different sizes and seem eclectic. They come along candles in transparent vases and bottles. It feels like this table was decorated with whatever the owner had on hand, with the impulse of the moment. This gives a warm, welcoming effect that is the opposite of formal and stuffy.

The bigger the vase…

Now, plants and vases don’t all come in small sizes. The big stuff can also make quite an impression.

This big stainless vase filled with yuca sticks almost to the ceiling makes quite an impression in this family room. The stainless silver provides interesting contrast to the more traditional shade of the entertainment centre, and the sticks give a needed organic touch to a room dominated by colored wood and leather.

This living room also uses size to its advantage. The big square black vase is particularly interesting against the small round white flowers and the rounded angles of the living room furniture. I like how it makes the room feel alive, like spring is blooming right there while you’re reading the latest bestseller or having your favorite tea.

The composition of this decoration turns what could be a boring staircase into something vibrant. The mosaic style of the vases creates a fascinating pattern against the horizontal floor slats and the circular mirror. The plant is not too big and not too colorful, which leaves the spotlight to the beautiful vases.

Flowers in the bathroom

Few people think of putting flowers or plants in their bathroom. However, for humidity-loving plants, there is no better spot (if your bathroom has windows too, of course). Since the bathroom is usually such a utilitarian room, it’s nice to make it a little nicer by adding a special decor touch.

I wish I had a big bathroom like this, but a girl can dream! Meanwhile, I love the rustic, traditional touch of the sunflowers in a blue pot. In a room that is all marble and stone, the flowers give a nice organic touch that makes it more welcoming and comfortable.

For those with less space, maybe this narrow and tall mosaic vase with two round flowers will do the trick. I love how the mosaic has the same mix of colors as the granite countertop. The flowers provide a needed circular contrast to the square sink.

Last but not least, these tall and narrow vases half-filled with sand make a clever use of space. Nothing much can fit in the narrow spots on either side of the sink, so these two decorative fill up the empty space quite nicely.

Flowers everywhere!

Now that spring is here, do you have the flower fever? Where do you like to use flower to brighten up your decor after winter? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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