Football Fun: 5 Secrets to Designing a Space for the Big Game

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Fall is here and that means lawns blanketed with orange and yellow leaves, back to school sales, and football games. A 2011 poll by Adweek/Harris showed that 64 percent of Americans watch football, and that nearly all of them (60 percent) watch it on television. Here are some tips on how you can create a living room that’s great for watching the game with friends while preserving its functionality for other things.

Decorting Tips for Hosting a Football Viewing Party

Go Sectional

Sectional sofas are excellent for maximizing seating space, especially when you’re working with smaller rooms. They offer more seating than a separate couch, loveseat and two chairs do, but take up much less space. Another benefit to a sectional is its versatility. Not only are they good for football-watching gatherings around the television, they also provide enough seating room for conversations with family, friends and neighbors.

Sound Proofing Considerations

You don’t want the rest of your home affected by loud sports parties or late-night movie watching in surround sound. Curtains on the windows, carpets on the floor, and plenty of insulating pillows on the couches and chairs act as effective sound-proofing tools for noisy rooms. Additionally, try to arrange the furniture so that you have as many items against the walls as you can. The type of furniture plays a role as well: rough-surfaced furniture absorbs sounds the best.

Choose Durable Fabrics

Football parties aren’t the cleanest affairs. The chips, dip, chicken wings dripping with barbecue sauce, and other messy foods typical at such events can leave stains and other debris on your furnishings. Choose durable fabrics such as cotton, leather, or microfiber. They are easy to clean and will stay new-looking for years.

Table It

No football game is complete without plenty of snacks. Make sure to include a generous coffee table or two and a few end tables. If you have the space, you might consider a bar where you can lay out a buffet of steaming Buffalo wings, potato chips, Cheetos, popcorn, and of course, beer.

Bigger is Better

The customary rule to choose the screen size of a television is a measurement equal to half the room’s maximum viewing distance. However, it’s more of a suggestion rather than a rule. Choose the largest size that your room can handle, or the largest size you think will look good. It no longer matters how close you are to the set as the resolutions are extremely sharp and without pixilation even close-up.

The other consideration is mounting the television. Put it at a height that is not too high or too low. You’ll have to play around with this a little to find the ideal height. Finally, see where the glare from the windows and light sources in the room hits the screen. If necessary, adjust the television’s location.

A Game-Ready Room

From sound proofing and the right furniture and fabrics to the proper screen size for your television, you can create the perfect room for throwing a football party while still keeping it functional for hosting other gatherings.

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