Footloose on Wood Floors!

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In conjunction with my last post, wood flooring maintenance when it comes to frequent foot traffic doesn’t have to be intrusive to your enjoyment of your wood flooring.  This is how it should be, considering that you installed your wood floor to enhance your space, quality of life, and maybe the potential resale value of your property.  When it comes to protecting your investment, sometimes it’s just about putting some very simple measures in place, like a good old fashioned welcome mat at your front door.

shoes-and-wood-floorsAnother simple measure in everyday wood floor care is your footwear, or the footwear of your guests.  By the time you’ve read this post, you’ve probably read several other posts and articles that have told you that  wearing high-heels and athletic cleats on your wood floor surface is a bad move.  Pressure per square inch on a high-heel alone will absolutely scratch your flooring.  So will your golf shoes, friends.  But, you knew that too.  It’s pretty obvious.

But, remember; a lot of harmful elements coming from the outside on any kind of footwear can also take away from the original lustre of your flooring.  The mat you put in place can capture a lot of it.  But, how about this?  What if everyone took off their shoes, no matter what type?

What if everybody “cut loose, footloose” ?

Does this mean Kevin Bacon-esque dancing across your floor?  Well, it could mean that, I guess.  But I suppose when I say that, I mean that a no-shoes policy while on wood flooring can add subtle difference in the way that your flooring will wear over time, whether your guests are boogeying across your floor or not.  Set your feet free!

Now, another thing should be restated, and that is that quality wood floors, be they solid hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, cork, or bamboo floors are made to last a long time.  Some hardwoods and other naturally-derived surfaces like cork flooring have lasted hundreds of years.  Laminate floors are given robust warranties that span decades as well.  You haven’t invested in a fragile material.  But, implementing simple solutions to keep grit and glass fragments common to the bottoms of shoes off your floor means that you’re acting as an ally to the long-term look that attracted you to your choice in wood flooring to begin with.

So, break out the slippers!  Or get down in your socks!  Your floors will thank you with the lustrous sheen that they rewarded you with you installed them.

For the next and final post in our frequent foot traffic series, we’ll talk a bit about runners and area rugs, and how they can enhance your space while also helping to preserve your wood flooring at the same time.



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