Fountains and Ponds For Outdoor Living Spaces

If the 21st century trends to homeownership has taught us anything, it’s that an outdoor living space is not just a part-time element to our homes to be enjoyed only at certain times of the year.  In more southern climates in particular, outdoor living is a year-round. To that point, the addition of water features – ponds and fountains – can really enhance outdoor living spaces, and in a small way connect us to a basic element on which all life depends.

But, what are the options for this? Writer and water feature enthusiast Billy Dunham is here to comment on some of the bigger ones.


A fountain is an excellent addition to any backyard. It can add to your backyard’s beauty and relax visitors with the sound of trickling water. There are many different types of backyard fountains in the market today, and it’s recommended to look at a wide range of styles and designs before committing to one. That way, you can make sure you’ve seen all your options and that, out of all of those, you are getting the fountain you really want. Keep in mind that you’ll want to choose a fountain that’s not only good, but good for your backyard.

Pond Fountains

One of the most beautiful and enjoyable backyard fountains you can own is a pond fountain. These fountains, available in many different sizes and overall styles, give way to a pond, which the owner can merely appreciate for its beauty or can use to house outdoor fish. These fountains tend to make the most natural, relaxing sounds due to the constantly flowing and splashing water.

While they can be used in a wide range of backyards, these fountains do tend to require quite a bit of maintenance, particularly if you decide to keep fish in them. So, if you want a low-maintenance fountain, this isn’t the one for you. Also, backyards which tend to be prone to mosquitoes are not a wise place for pond foundations, since the water will attract even more bugs. Any other type of backyard with more space, however, is fair game!

Sculpture Fountains

Most people are familiar with the image of a statue, perhaps displaying a fish or an angel, shooting water up into air and/or having it fall down to the lower levels of the fountain. This type of fountain is called a sculpture fountain, and such fountains are enjoyed by many. These fountains can be designed to resemble just about anything you like. Some people go for standard, recognizable images like those described earlier, while others take a more modern-art kind of approach.

These fountains work well in many different backyard types. However, they do tend to take up quite a bit of space, so a backyard with more room is likely the best choice. Keep in mind, too, that bushes should not grow so high as to block the sculpture portion of the fountain. These fountains also do best in backyards without a lot of other decorations, since sculpture fountains are designed to be the centerpiece of a backyard, not just one of many decorative pieces. You’ll also want to lend some thought to how well your fountain blends in with the overall style of your home and backyard. A fancy fountain can look very out of place in a more casual, homey backyard, and vice versa.

Cascading backyard Fountains

Cascading fountains, also called tiered fountains, are all about the water and watching it flow! These fountains usually feature a large, long top tier followed by smaller shorter piers underneath. The water starts going at the top of the fountain, fills the upper layer and falls down to the lower layer, repeating the cycle over and over again. Anyone who wants an interesting sight can benefit from these fountains, but keep in mind that the constantly running water can eat up electricity and water bills.


Thanks, Billy!

Billy Dunham wrote this post on behalf of Fathom Fountains and their custom fountains that can help make your backyard look great.



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