French Pattern Layouts For Natural Stone Tile Lend the Power of Subtlety

One thing that becomes apparent when looking at flooring and wall cladding installations is this: the subtleties count the most.

When shopping for flooring, either wood flooring or natural stone tile, it’s always a good idea to have a general idea of the effect you want.  This is setting aside the suitability of wood or stone in any given space of course.   But, what remains are the light touches, the sought-after effects that the right choice in flooring  or wall covering can bring.

This idea has got me thinking about French pattern tile.  Or maybe it’s the other way around.  Recently, we launched a range of French pattern slate tile, a layout style which is more associated with marble or travertine tile.  And perhaps this association with those other types of tile is simple enough to explain.

French pattern has that old-world feel to it, evoking the time when travertine and marble were vital building components as Western civilization began to emerge.  And even now in the 21st Century, there’s just something about it that seems to communicate the idea of ‘stateliness’ in a tile floor or wall clad.

French pattern is a variety of mosaic layout that takes tile of various sizes and interlocks them.    It’s been used as a way to lay out tile floors, but also shower walls, verandas, and pool decks too.  This Navona Light Travertine Tile in French pattern is a great example of the ‘old world’ effect you can get with it:

(Click image to view full size)

French pattern tile is also associated with the popular aged look – chisled, tumbled or brushed travertine tile, are great examples – which really brings out a sense of history, and the flavors of stone cutting in the Ancient World even if your tile is brand new.

Another thing I’ve picked up, being immersed as I am in the world of building materials, is that the effects that quality materials that appeal to the artistic eye can be transformative.  In residences, these subtle effects can turn a new house into a home.  And in commercial spaces, they can help to keep customers coming back.  I certainly think a creative layout like French pattern is one of those choices in flooring and walls that can make this subtle, yet hugely significant, effect take place.



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