Freshen Up With Spring Cleaning and Revitalized Home Décor

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Get your spring checklist in gear. Spring is time for a deep cleaning of the house. When that’s done, spruce up your home decor too. 


Ok, readers, it’s time to fling open your windows, air out your house, get rid of your stuff, and clean, clean, clean!

I love this time of year to freshen up the house, which gets stale over the winter with windows and doors shut for months. That first day I can open the windows without worrying about losing precious heat is, literally, a breath of fresh air. Like the first robin, it’s an uplifting, inspiring harbinger of spring.

Spring Checklist: Where to start

Tackle one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Drag things out of closets and drawers, and sort through them. You will surely find things you haven’t seen in years, and other things you rarely use. My parameter is if I haven’t used it in a year, it’s gone.

Have a yard sale with your stuff, sell it at a consignment shop, or donate it to a thrift store. The old saying is “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Believe it!

After you sort your stuff, organize what you have decided to keep. Get closet and drawer organization systems or, if you are organizationally challenged, get a professional organizer to help you. Once things are put where they belong, keep them that way! When you are done with something, put it back. It takes 10 seconds! Keep your house tidy, and it will stay organized, saving you time and energy.

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Spring Checklist: Cleaning

Start at the top. Sweep, vacuum or wash your ceilings, then the walls, including bookcases. Remove and clean your light fixtures inside and out. Clean the trim around windows and doors, but save window washing for last. Have your drapes professionally cleaned.

Cobwebs and dust will fly around and land on your furniture and floor in this process. Clean those surfaces, and thoroughly vacuum upholstered chairs and couches. Take area rugs outside to air out, and wash pet bedding. Strip your beds, and wash all the covers. Hang them on a clothesline, if possible, for that delicious and unmistakable fresh-air smell.

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Finally vacuum and wash your floors. All the dust you have stirred up will land here, so make this the last place to clean. Move furniture and appliances, and clean under and behind them.

Sweep, vacuum, wash, and seal hardwood floors in spots that get the most wear. Repair nicks and dings in floor surfaces. Deep clean your carpets, too. Your warranty may dictate that a professional does it. Otherwise, you can get a steam cleaner and do it yourself.

When all is said and done, wash your windows inside and out. To me, this is like new life, being able to see clearly after all the winter snow, rain, mud, and birds flying into the windows.


The power of steam! This is the Vapamore MR-50 hand held steam cleaner, designed to deal with deep staining and general cleaning, too.

Browse floor care products.

Spring Checklist: Home décor

Spring is an excellent time to freshen up your décor aside from changing textiles and accessories to reflect the season. Refinish tired wood or paint wood furniture in fun colors. Reupholster with bright, whimsical textiles. Discover unique pieces at thrift stores and yard sales to refinish and upcycle.

Hang lace over windows where privacy is not an issue. Use wallpaper to create an accent wall or dress up the inside of a bookcase. Treat yourself to cut flowers or potted flowering plants to celebrate the season of growth.

Use interior design tricks to make your rooms feel small and intimate or open and expansive. Painting walls and rearranging your furniture are simple, inexpensive ways to get the sensation of having moved to a fresh new place.

Spring time inspiration

Rejuvenate yourself and your home with a deep spring cleaning and revitalized home décor. Make it a tradition; your own harbinger of spring.

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