From Cave To Fave: Sprucing Up An Unfinished Basement

stairs to unfinished basement

Finishing a basement is a big project. While you wait to embark on it, here are some ways to make your unfinished basement a liveable, and even stylish space.


Your basement may be unfinished, but that doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for storage until you have the chance to do a complete remodel. Take advantage of all that unused space underneath your home by sprucing it up and making it liveable.

It may be the perfect opportunity to add a version of that extra room you’ve always been hoping for. Check out these tips for livening up that unfinished basement space and watch as your basement is transformed.

Lock out moisture

Get rid of that damp, clammy feeling and weird smell you sense every time you’re in the basement. Since moisture is the culprit, a dehumidifier is a great way to suck all the moisture out of the air.

There’s always a chance you may have a bigger problem that involves a more permanent waterproofing solution. If you want to spend time in your unfinished basement space before you save enough to do a total remodel, though, go for a dehumidifier first and see how well it works.

Use extra lighting

The basement isn’t a very inviting place if all you have down there is one or two uncovered lightbulbs hooked into the ceiling. Moving light into your basement space will brighten it up and turn it into a more welcoming part of your house.

Industrial Basement by Jersey City Design-Build Firms Brunelleschi Construction

Either move rarely used lamps from other parts of your house, or invest in lamps and lanterns that you’ll use down there permanently, before and after a total remodel. Another way to introduce light into your basement is using mirrors. They make the space seem bigger and reflect lots of light.

Paint the walls and ceiling

Your basement is probably painted a dingy, boring color if it’s even painted at all. A quick and cheap way to liven up the space is to paint it an inviting color. Choose something bright, warm, and sunny, like a light yellow.

You don’t want to oversaturate the space with too bold of a color, which can make the space seem smaller. The goal here is to keep introducing space and light. To help with that, paint the ceiling several shades lighter than the walls.

Throw down some area rugs

The basement floor always seems to be freezing. When you do a total remodel, you’ll probably cover it with something else, but for now use area rugs. Not only will they keep your feet warm, they’ll also introduce color and patterns into your basement space, making it feel much cozier. Like with your lamps, you can move rugs from other parts of your house, or have fun shopping around for new ones.

Industrial Living Room by Salt Lake City Photographers Lucy Call

Now that the space is more inviting, you can move in some furniture or exercise equipment. Not only will the basement feel more pleasant, you also have a chance to test out colors and design elements for when you finish the space. You’ll be able to approach a remodel with lots of ideas. Get going so you can start taking advantage of this newfound space in your home.


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