Front Entryways For Fabulous First Impressions

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The entryway is your home’s first chance to make a lasting impression on visitors. You want it to welcome them with a warm greeting and invite them into your home. There are several ways you can decorate your entryway to leave a fabulous first impression.

Create a seamless transition

The entryway is your chance to blend the outside of your home with the inside. Create a design that will show guests what they can expect from the rest of your home in terms of color, design, and your decorative style. Blend this with a bit of your outdoor decor to blend the two seamlessly.

Don’t Overlook Your Front Door

Your front door is the perfect frame for your entryway. Be sure to include it in your decor to add to the fabulous first impression. Choose a color or wood tone to match your home’s interior color. Pick a design that will match your home’s design style, starting with the perfect material. Decorate it with accents to draw the eye in, such as a beautiful knocker and knob. Accentuate it with a stained-glass window inlet, wreath, house numbers, and welcome mat.

Light it up

Add a functional, eye-catching light to your entryway. You can install a ceiling fixture that matches your home’s décor, table lamps, or a floor lamp. Keep the size of your entryway in mind when selecting your lighting.

Keep it functional

Set up a table for catch-all items you drop when you walk in the front door, such as keys and your mail. Choose a table that will match your home’s décor. Keep it small and simple so it doesn’t take up much room. You can use baskets to stash your items. Add a small shelf underneath for shoes and a coat rack overhead for coats, jackets, and bags.

Add a rug

If your entryway has a plain floor, add a nice area rug. Choose a simple pattern or solid color that blends in with your home’s décor. Select one that fits the foyer’s proportions. Roll it out before adding any furniture, then lay the pieces on top of the rug.

Make it personal

Add some personal touches to your entryway by hanging family pictures on the wall. A collage frame is great for the foyer because it won’t take up much space, yet let you display various photos. You can also choose a digital frame that will allow you to load several pictures, and keep them rotating throughout the day.

Keep it Clean

Now that you’ve set up your entryway, keep it neat and clean. Remove any clutter building on and under the table, hang coats and bags back on the pegs, dust the furniture and picture frames, and vacuum the rug. Your entryway won’t create the first impression you want if all anyone sees is a mess.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Create an entryway to your home that welcomes your visitors with warmth. Add your own personal touches and accents that say, “This is my home.”



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