Furniture For Small Spaces

Choosing furniture isn’t just about color or style. It’s about space, too. Many are rethinking how much space they need, or are re-thinking how to furnish a smaller space after selling a house and downscaling into a condo. So, what are some of the basic principles of choosing furniture for a smaller space?

Guest writer Lindsey Ratcliff is here to talk about this growing trend. 



Many people live in small residences, perhaps because they have no choice in the matter, or maybe because they live alone and don’t consider it necessary to move into a bigger place. If the place that you call your own is a bit cramped, there are some simple things you can do to make the area seem more open, particularly when it comes to your furniture choices.

Buy Multi-Purpose Pieces

If you have a small home, chances are you won’t be able to fit more than a few pieces of furniture comfortably inside of it. Choose wisely and find furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example, if you purchase an straight-backed wooden chair, you’ll probably mainly use it for sitting while you eat or read a book, but if you instead opt to buy a sofa or sectional that reclines backwards or folds out into a sleeper sofa, you’ve quickly gained a place that you can read a book, and also catch a quick nap.

Furniture that can be used for several purposes is also very handy if you like to invite guests into your home. People who live in smaller homes often do enjoy the company of others, but feel slightly restricted because they may not have the luxury of a guest room. If you have a sofa that converts into a bed, that helps guests feel right at home, and also eliminates your need to choose bulkier options, such as inflatable mattresses.

Select Light Colors

If possible, consider light furniture colors instead of darker ones. This visual trick can instantly make a space seem more open, and looks especially pleasing if the room is outfitted in darker colors. The contrast draws the eye in and calls attention to your interior decorating skills.

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Storage Solutions

After you’ve chosen a sofa or sectional, search for storage possibilities that help you keep clutter to a minimum. Messy spaces look cramped no matter how big they actually are, so if you’re already dealing with the constraints of a small space, it’s particularly important to keep things as tidy as possible. Even simple strategies make a difference. Consider placing a small magazine rack between the surrounding wall and one of the sides of your sofa. The result lets visitors know that they’re welcome to stay a while and read the newspaper or the latest edition of a magazine, but helps you keep these items in their proper place, too.

Decorate to Fit your Lifestyle

Before making a final decision about the furniture that you’re considering, closely examine the way that you live and ensure the furniture would fit with your routine. You can also buy furniture that aligns with the way that you’d like to live in the near future. If you’re trying to be more sociable with people in your neighborhood, buy a sofa that accommodates a small group of friends, and pair it with a sleek coffee table. Within minutes, you’ve set the stage for a game night, movie screening or just some stimulating hours of conversation.

With the right approach, a small space can be an area that helps you thrive, rather than something that you view as an inconvenience. Take the time to find furniture that speaks to your needs and watch how a few pieces can enrich your life and help you enjoy your home more than ever.


Thanks, Lindsey!

Lindsey Ratcliff writes for furniture blogs such as where you can read more about choosing furniture.



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