Furniture Slipcovers and Decorating Accessories For Fall

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Want a simple way to rejuvenate your furniture, save on seasonal redecoration, and celebrate the autumn season? Unleash your creativity without breaking the bank with new slipcovers for your furniture, or with autumnal redecoration accessories.

Autumn colors for furniture slipcovers and accessories

One of the best things about fall is it provides us with a natural palette of colors to work with. You need go no further for inspiration for your furniture than look out the window. Bright hues and rich earth tones balanced with neutral beige, or white, can really ignite the room.

Here are a few select examples of the autumnal color pallette that can inspire a season redecoration project, either for furniture slipcovers, or accessories like cushions for seasonal accents :

Red. Unique, rich tones like cranberry, and burgundy work well with loveseats and couches and can be distinctive choices for recliners, or ottomans.

Orange. Burnt sienna, amber, copper, and of course pumpkin all add an autumnal flare, and a fun and friendly atmosphere to match.

Yellow. Gold, ochre, mustard, french vanilla, and custard tones can add a happy warmth, particularly when you’re looking for ways to easily brighten a room.

Neutral colors. Shades of khaki, taupe, and wheat are great choices not only for the fall but work throughout the year. If you already have these as a foundation, throw pillows of orange, yellow and brown take over and create a fall feel.

Earthtones. These have a rich range of colors for you to play with. Green variations like olive or sage set a fresh, clean tone for the room, easily accented with simple plant arrangements.

More individual choices like eggplant, mushroom or caramel create one-of-a-kind settings that open a wide range of options for accents. Take your time to find a color that says something about you. There are few compliments that are as satisfying as when your friends and family say that room is, “just your style.”

Let your classy side take over, and venture into the luxury side of the palette with something like an antique gold cover. It can work all year round and bring out the vibrant colors of autumn.

Slipcovers and cushion textures for fall

Traditionally, cotton has been the go-to for fall furniture slipcovers but you will notice that there is much wider range of fabric choices these days.

Faux leather can be an excellent choice. The look and feel are a fantastic match to the rich browns of dried flowers and vegetables, not to mention their immense practicality. They are incredibly durable and spills and drops are an easy wipe up.

If elegance is on your mind, classic velvet is always welcome. The warm, fuzzy feel not only ignites nostalgia but helps you sink a little deeper into your seat, and stretch out a little more smugly on the sofa.

Autumn furniture fabric designs

Fall floral designs like patterned leaves, or muted flowers, set a soothing tone with tea stained backings, but the more modern herringbone adds a conservative fancy that is classic and refreshing. A variety of striped patterns set upon solids is also a great look that can hold up throughout the year.

With most ranges of autumn slipcovers available for a small budget, it’s an easy choice to flex your creativity and spruce up your house for the fall.

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