Garage Doors: Trends For 2012 and Beyond

Garage doors can seem like purely functional elements when it comes to the visual effect of your home’s curb appeal.  Garage doors certainly need to be practical, of course. But, in many modern designs of homes, that garage door takes up a generous amount of space. As such, the trends for garage door design are becoming something to take notice of.

And what are those trends, exactly? Garage door professional and writer Victor Daily is here to cast some light on some of the ones he’s seeing more and more of in 2012, and expects will become more popular into next year.


Most often than not, the garage door is the first thing that one will notice when pulling into the driveway. It used to be plain, metal, and white. However, this trend has been progressively changing. Today, many manufacturers are offering innovations, designs, and materials that turn a garage door into a custom piece that adds personality and beauty to a home.

Wood-look-alike garage doors

These garage doors look like wood, but are made from melamine, aluminum, steel, and other composites. These doors require less maintenance. Spraying them with water is enough to keep them clean. Unlike the real wood, these doors do not require repainting and sanding every two years. Also, these doors do not easily dent, rust, split, or crack. The cost of these doors is just a fraction of the real wood’s price.

Carriage-style garage doors

A swing open appearance and old fashioned feel, the carriage-style garage doors are currently a top trend in the market. These doors appear like an old carriage house doors or barn doors, reflecting the style of the former years with the convenience of the latest technology. With one click of the door’s remote opener, the door will not swing to open like a typical barn door; instead, it will roll up overhead in tracks. These doors come from a variety of materials such as composites, steel, and wood.

All-glass garage doors

The new kid on the block, all-glass garage doors are a top trend in the world of contemporary style homes. Available in frosted glass panels and see-through glasses, these doors offer a modern look and more natural light to the home. With the double pane feature, these doors offer energy efficiency. Moreover, these doors come with aluminum frames and glass panels that have been tempered, making them more secure. These doors also make a perfect option for many exhibitionists to show off their toys.

Vinyl garage doors

Vinyl material is also used for garage doors. Though these doors are very expensive and hard to find, yet these make a perfect option for homes located near the beach. Vinyl garage doors are also insulated for energy efficiency. Currently, there is only one manufacturer making them.

Garage doors with the latest safety features

Another trend in garage doors are the safety features such as pinch resistant panels and tamper-resistant bottom brackets. Safety is one important context of the garage door operation. Most homeowners are looking for doors with multiple safety features. The pinch-resistant feature prevents crushing appendages [ed: always a good thing] when operating the garage door manually. It pushes away anything that gets near to a closing door and prevents injuries.

On the other hand, the tamper-resistant bottom brackets reduce the risks of injury caused by door components that are under tension. Garage door manufacturers have integrated these features on their door designs in different ways due to patent rights. However, the theme is the same, to get the door sections to separate when operated manually. For fire safety, some garage doors come with polyurethane insulation that helps reduce the amount of smoke and flames generated.

Finally, manufacturers have invested significant resources to keep up with new trends and technology. They hope to provide customers a wide selection of designs, safety features, and colors that have not been available in the past models. With the garage door taking up a considerable portion of what can be seen in one’s house and when time comes to replace them, there should be plenty of better designs to expect and options to choose from.


Thanks, Victor!

Victor is a blogger and freelance writer who often writes about home improvement. He enjoys sharing remodeling tips and simple DIY advice. For more information about garage doors visit RJ Garage Doors.



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