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Today’s guest post is by Tiffany Miller of who specialize in epoxy garage flooring.  As an expert in that area, Tiffany advises on how to get started in making your garage a little bit more low-maintenance, especially where clean-up is concerned.


If you like working on your car, chances are that you spend a lot of your time in your garage. Your garage is your refuge. It is the place you go to get away to enjoy your private space. Everything about working in the garage is enjoyable—except the cleanup process.

After a few hours of working on your car, your garage will not only look the worse for wear, but you’ll be able to smell it as well. If you take the time to prepare your garage before you do any work, however, then you will have a much easier cleanup once all the fun is over.

First things first; start with your garage floors and then work up.

Many people have cement garage flooring. But, consider epoxy flooring as an alternative. With  epoxy flooring, you reduce flammability issues that are more common with other coatings. Because of this, it is more heat resistant than some other paints that might be latex or alkyd-based. Best of all, it will last for a long time to come and it’s easy to clean.

Next, buy some storage options for all your tools to keep them organized. Where storage sometimes takes up an entire wall (or all of your walls), you might only need a few shelf containers and buckets to store your more commonly used tools.

To make your garage extra homey, make sure you have enough lighting to help with all of your projects. There are specialized garage lighting options to consider, particularly when you’re using your garage simply for storing vehicles versus actually creating a more people-friendly space. Do some research to get the best light for your situation.

Once you have your garage the way you would like it, the next step is to keep it that way. With the epoxy flooring and organization systems in place, this is a lot easier than it was previously. Keep a hose and a scrub nearby, which is not only great for the floors, but also for your hands and shoes before you enter your house.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make your garage one worth spending time in. Take a weekend now, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.


Thanks, Tiffany.



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