Garage Remodeling Ideas And Tips

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Redefining your space according to your own needs, and sometimes ignoring what you’re presented with to do so, is the mark of the 21st century homeowner. One aspect of your space for many a homeowner is the garage, a place traditionally reserved for cars and clutter – sometimes, just clutter.

But, what if you could take that space and re-purpose it, and extend your life at home in the process? How would you go about it? Writer James Thompson is here to talk about how to transform your garage with some practical remodeling tips


Home improvement and remodels can take place in the interior parts of a home. However, indoor rooms are not the only places for improvements. Sometimes an outdoor space needs to receive an upgrade, such as when selling a home. Homeowners who plan to continue living in a home may have different reasons for remodeling their garages.

The idea of additional living space provides one reason. Some homeowners convert their garages into work rooms, play areas for children, and laundry areas. In some locations, a converted garage space may act as a selling point when the homeowner decides to move.

Garage converted into an additional living space. Source: via Cassandra on Pinterest


Garage remodeling and lighting

Garages require good lighting like other parts of a home. Homeowners should spend time on garage light planning for maximize better results.  A single, 4-foot shop light represents a common light in garages. These lights attach to the ceiling and offer a great amount of brightness. The light works well for homeowners who just want to park their cars and leave. However, some homeowners will spend a lot of time in the garage. For example, a work-at-home professional will need a different type of lighting for specific activities. Task lighting allows the professional to perform job duties without a hot, overhead light.

Garage floors

Homeowners should remember their garage floors. Most garage floors use a concrete foundation. The foundation feels cold, shows dullness and looks unappealing. Over time, garage floors experience spilled paint stains and natural discolorations.

Homeowners do not have to invest large sums of money into their garage flooring. If the room does not act a living space, garage paint works wonders. The floor should receive at least two coats of paint. For homeowners who will convert to a living space, garage floor tile offers a better solution.The tile gives more durability for walking across the floor and holding heavy furniture pieces.  Yet any type of flooring that you’d install over a flat concrete surface, using a vapor barrier, is suitable.

A garage remodeling project that makes a garage into a home theatre. Source: via julie on Pinterest

Garage doors

Garage doors represent another remodeling area for a home. These doors range in style and budget. Most garage door styles match the main home’s architectural design. Homeowners should analyze how the garage is used before investing in a specific door.

For example, the up-and-over design swings outward, facing the driveway. Once opened, the doors remain in an up motion. This door type can be heavy. Homeowners who spend time playing the guitars or working on projects may prefer this door. They can keep the door open for long periods and allow a natural breeze to flow into the garage.

Garage remodeling to create an office space with vertical folding doors. Source: via Chanee on Pinterest


Garage remodeling for better use of space

Some homeowners just want extra storage space. They may not have an attic, basement or shed for storage. Another reason involves having too many items in their current storage areas. Garages offer the perfect solution. Some home have attached garages, while other homes have separate garages.

Unfortunately, without a well-planned garage remodel, the space becomes cluttered and makes it harder to locate items. The exterior wall space can have shelves to minimize clutter. The shelves can have labels, such as paint. All boxes should go against the walls, too. If stacked, the boxes need a label to identify its contents.


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