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garage storage solution

Not only is your garage the typical place to store your tools and outdoor equipment, it usually ends up becoming the dumping ground for everything you don’t have room for in the house. This can lead to an out of control mess. Whether your garage is so cluttered you don’t even have room to park your car in there, or you just need to get everything organized, these storage ideas will help clean out your garage and find the perfect storage solution for everything.

Get Everything Off the Floor

garage storage solution

Amazingly, organizing professionals estimate that only 30 percent of us store our cars in our garages. For the rest, the garage is just too cluttered for our cars to fit. The most important way you can banish the clutter in your garage is to get as much off the floor as you can. This prevents your belongings for ending up in piles, and opens up the space you need to fit your car in the garage again.

There are many ways you can utilize the walls to create a garage storage solution. One option is to install pegboard on your walls. This is inexpensive, simple to install, and easy to cut into different sizes to fit different areas. You can also buy a variety of hooks, shelves, and baskets to hang on the pegboard. Just keep in mind that pegboard can hold lightweight items, but isn’t practical for anything too heavy.

Another option is to install slotted panels on your walls. By installing these on your entire wall, you can use every inch of space available for organization. Like pegboard, you can find hooks and shelves that will fit into the slotted panels to store your items. While this option is more expensive, it’s also stronger, so it can hold heavier items.

Hang Up Your Bike

garage storage solution

Even if you use your bike daily, it’s still a good idea to hang it up and keep it out of harm’s way. You can use a bike hook to hang your bike on a grid or mounted directly to the wall. You can also build your own bike shelf if you’d like a spot to store your helmet, water bottle, and other biking essentials.

Simply attach five pieces of lumber together to create a box. Create a deep notch on each side to slide in your bike. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even make a hinged lid to store bike tools or other small pieces of bike equipment inside. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can stain the wood or leave it unfinished. Finally, mount the bike shelf on the wall and enjoy this handy garage storage solution.

Use the Ceiling

The ceiling is one of the most under-utilized spots in the garage. This is the ideal place to store items you don’t use every day, such as seasonal decorations or sports gear, or long, flat items, like ladders. When you’re installing shelves or hooks on the ceiling of your garage, make sure there’s enough clearance for the garage door to open, and nothing hanging down that can scrape the roof of your car.

If you have empty ceiling space away from the garage door and cars, you can build your own sliding storage system. Take a couple of plastic totes, and measure the rim so you know how far apart to attach the bottom flanges. Use plywood to create the flanges and carriages, and install the entire system on joists in your ceiling. Finally, install a stop to prevent the totes from sliding too far into the carriages, and label the bottom of each tote so you know what’s inside.

Organize Your Tools

garage storage solution

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Your tools are essential for working on your home and car, but if you don’t have some type of organization system, you can spend more time looking for the right tool than actually working on your project. There’s nothing more frustrating than shuffling through a drawer and finding every screwdriver except the one you need. A tool chest is a good way to keep everything neatly organized and in one spot. If you get one on wheels, you can easily move it around to wherever you’re working.

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You can also create your own storage system for tools. If you want an easy way to find the exact screwdriver you need, consider creating a screwdriver rack. Simply take a piece of wood that’s 2 or 3 inches wide to use as your rack. Spread out your screwdrivers and mark on the wood where you want each hole to go.

If you want an exact fit for each screwdriver, match the size of the drill bit to the head of the screwdriver. If you don’t mind some movement, you can simply make all the holes the same size. Once you’ve drilled the holes, you can use L-brackets to attach the screwdriver rack to your wall.

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Use a Variety of Shelves and Cabinets

garage storage solution

A great and affordable garage storage solution can be found in open shelves. Shelves are easy to access, and they let you clearly see what you have stored on them. When you have a cabinet where you can close the doors and hide the clutter, you’re more likely to stuff all your junk in there. On the other hand, an open shelf forces you to keep everything organized. Plus, if you’re tight on space in your garage, open shelves are better because you don’t have to leave clearance room to open a door.

garage storage solution

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That doesn’t mean you don’t want any cabinets with doors in your garage. These are ideal for storing items you want to protect from dirt and dust. Additionally, lockable cabinets are important for storing sharp tools, chemicals, or anything else you don’t want children accidentally getting into.

Don’t let clutter take over your garage. With these garage storage solutions, you can maximize all the space in your garage to make it one of the cleanest and most organized rooms in your house.

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