Outdoor Living Ideas & Tips: A BuildDirect Guide

Garden decking

Garden decking products help us to define our outdoor living spaces. They help to set the scene for having fun with friends and family, enjoying times of reflection on our own, and generally helping us to make our favorite memories.

In the past, and certainly up until recent weeks too, we’ve talked a lot about garden decking. So, seeing as outside is top-of-mind for many of us, here is a garden decking round-up for your consideration. Check out the links and peruse the stories below that are sourced from this blog and our sister site BuildDirect Learning Center. May they inspire you to make the most of your outdoor space this season.


Deck Tiles: Where and Why You Should Be Using Them

Deck tiles are the most common item people think about when planning garden decking. A big part of the reason is how versatile they are. But, there are more reasons than that besides. What are they? Well, click the above to revisit our post about why deck tiles could be the perfect surface for your outdoor living space this season.

How to Install Wood or Composite Deck Tiles

There is an answer to this question of course that can be summed up in one word: easily. But, seriously. What are the steps to install wood or composite deck tiles? Find out by taking a read of the article from BuildDirect’s Learning Center.

How to Care for Wood or Composite Deck Tiles

With any surface, a certain amount of care and maintenance will be required, even if it’s not that much. This is certainly the case with composite deck tiles and wood. For garden decking that sparkles, read the above to get the skinny on how to be its best ally.

Garden decking

Wood Decking or Composite Decks: an Infographic

Let’s not forget about deck boards too. Yet, sometimes it’s a tough call when deciding on the whole wood decking vs. composite decking question. Which one is right for you? Maybe the infographic on the post we’ve linked to above will help.

Why Composite Decking Is Better Than Ever Before

To expand your options of garden decking and outdoor living space surfaces in general, and perhaps make choosing a decking surface even more involved, this article points out that composite decking has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Get the full story above.

Pravol Dura-Shield Ultratex Ipe Hollow Grooved Composite Decking

7 Things to Do When Thinking About Installing Deck Railings 

Deck railings are both practical and decorative. When you’re thinking of installing them, there are seven areas to think about to serving both roles. Find out what they are by reading the above post.

4 Tips for Preparing Your Wood Deck for Spring

Winter can be hard on your wood decking. To help rouse your deck surface from a long winter’s sleep and revitalize it for the spring season and beyond, read about these 4 tips above.

Deck Cleaning Basics

An outdoor living space that features a deck is a prime staging ground for spring and summer gatherings. Before you plan them, it’s time to do some clean up. Click the above heading for some quick and easy ways to do that for a fresh start in springtime.

backyard deck lawn umbrella

Decorate Your Deck or Patio with Outdoor Planters

A little greenery for your garden decking can’t hurt. In fact, it’s ideal. Here are some decking ideas to incorporate planters seamlessly, helping you to balance out installed surfacing with the (literally!) organic beauty.

All Decked Out: Wood vs. Composite Decking Materials

For more thoughts on whether wood or composite is the right surface for you, here’s an analysis to help you start thinking about what is most important to you when it comes to look, maintenance, and installation methods.

Patio Pavers, Decking, and Natural Elements: Striking the Right Balance

When laying pavers, decking, and other installed surfaces, it’s always best to let your outdoor living space breathe a bit, too. The above article talks about striking that very balance.

Garden decking

Deck Installer Advice: 9 Things to Know When You Installing a Deck

Expert advice on anything is always valuable. If you’re embarking on a decking installation of your own, there are 9 starting points to keep in mind as you proceed. Read about them above as recommended to us by a professional decking installer.

Deck Ideas for Wet Seasons and Climates

When you live in rainier regions, your decking will face unique challenges. How can you bolster your decks under these conditions? Take a look at this article to get a handle on what’s required during wet seasons.

6 Ways to Know if it’s Time for a New Deck: an Infographic

Despite our efforts to revitalize our decking, sometimes times simply marches on. But, how do you know when the end is nigh for your deck? Above is a link to an infographic that will take you through the steps, and allow you to make the right decision.

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