Garden Design: Low Maintenance Gardens Tips

When we close our eyes and think of our dream gardens, one thought that occurs to us when we open our eyes again is: “Sure. But, how much time would I have to spare in taking care of it?” Well, what if you could start, foster, and enjoy a lush, attractive garden without spending too much time maintaining it, and more time enjoying it?

Gardening expert Robert Bridgman is here to help.


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Whether you are tired from a long day at work, running after your children or have a list of errands a mile long, having a minimal maintenance garden can be invaluable for keeping your sanity.  With these few easy tips, you’ll be well on your way to putting your feet up and enjoying what your garden has to offer.

How to structure a low maintenance garden

Giving your garden strong bones to begin with can go a long way to making it seem neat and planned, even when you have absolutely no time to garden.  Formal gardens of all persuasions divide large spaces into smaller sections, allowing for a sense of symmetry and orderliness within the outdoors.  In your personal garden, hedges, paving, or even raised beds can create structure.

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Most hardy perennials and grasses only need to be cut down at the end of the growing season, so they can rest up for the next.In most cases, keeping your plant palette simple can also help keep your yearly maintenance at a minimal level.

Picking the right plants for a low-maintenance garden

Picking the right plants for your garden is essential.  Hardy perennials, including perennial grasses, can be a lifesaver.  They create interest throughout the season as they grow – bearing flowers, and changing foliage.  The best perennials for a low maintenance garden require no staking, fertilizing or pruning, quite ably taking care of their own selves for most of the year.

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Less lawn equals low maintenance

Lawn can be wonderful for many recreational activities, however it requires constant vigilance to keep it looking at its best.  Weeding, fertilization, and watering are all required portions of its care, not to mention constant mowing to keep it at a comfortable height.  Keeping lawn at a minimum can drastically reduce maintenance for a garden.

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Watering your low-maintenance garden

If you followed the two tips above, you’re off to a great start in terms of watering your garden as infrequently as possible.  If you’re watering by hand, make sure you have a water source in a convenient location nearby.  Sprinklers or even automatic irrigation can be a worthy investment for a truly low maintenance garden.

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Mulch and the low maintenance garden

To keep weeds at bay, spread a layer of mulch on the surface of your garden.  Not only will it help keep moisture in the soil, it will reduce the amount of weeds that take root in the garden.

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The right furniture

Enjoying your garden can be uncomfortable without the right furniture.  All weather outdoor furniture can be a great option for your carefree garden.

Not only can it be easily be rinsed off with a hose or cloth to keep them looking pristine, it is resistant to the sun, extreme temperatures, and any other environmental challenges you can throw at it.


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Robert Brigman writes on behalf of Bridgman quality furniture, based in the UK.



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