Garden Ideas For Next Spring Before Winter Even Begins!

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Is holiday greenery all you can think about this time of year? Think again!

Seed catalogs have been coming in the mail along with Christmas catalogs. I prefer to read the former and plan for the next growing season.

I am not immune to thinking outrageously. Here are a few things I came across that I may or may not implement next year.

Unique garden ideas to consider for the next growing season

Containers – Pots are boring. I’m always looking for something unusual to plant in.

  1. Waterproof and colorful! I love this!
  2. If you need to go to town, you just take your garden with you!
  3. Scouring second hand stores, yard sales and flea markets would produce this great container display!
  4. Ornaments – These can range from cutesie to surreal to outlandish. Some are permanent. Others can be rearranged with your whims!
  5. For railroad lovers
  6. I would not do this, but it’s certainly a traffic stopper and conversation starter!
  7. Time warp – Salvador Dali in the garden

Fantasy gardens to inspire you

The Lost Gardens of Heligan were once overgrown and forgotten but after an ongoing restoration project, the gardens are now one of the most popular botanical gardens in the UK.

Photo: Eva Kröcher

Italy’s Garden of Monsters – “The Garden of Monsters was built during the 16th century by Italian mercenary Pier Francesco Orsini as a memorial site for his beloved wife Guilia.

Photo: Alessio Damato

Everything about the park is based on of expression of Orsini’s grief for his wife and this reason alone has made the garden stand out as one of the most unusual gardens in the world.

Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden – incredible art and terracotta sculptures turn the garden into a fantasy land.

Express yourself!

While you plan your garden over the winter, express yourself! Think outside the box, and do something daring. Your garden may end up on someone’s blog!

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Nan Fischer

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