14 Gardening & Landscaping Gurus You Should Follow On Twitter

To continue our Gurus to Follow on Twitter series, we move from the indoors, where interior designers work their magic to raise the value of your spaces, to the outdoors.  This is the realm of the Gardener and Landscaper, where they can see potential in your yards, gardens, balconies, and window boxes.   They have the unique vision to bring that potential to full fruition (like the gardening metaphor there?).

Here are 14 gardening and landscaping gurus that not only do great work in their industries, but also engage with customers and potential customers in creatively and openly.  They blog, some have Facebook pages, some are on TV, some are authors.  And of course they tweet like crazy and are likely to follow you back.  Why not meet some of them right now?

1. @IndigoGardens (Lynn-Felici-Gallant)


Lynn has been gardening since childhood, and is dedicated to lending her creative eye and commercial acumen to help businesses and individual homeowners make great first impressions that reflect their brands and their personalities.  Lynn is also editor at Coastal Home Magazine (@CoastalHG).

2. @GardenWiseInc (J. Mark White)


One of the faces of the HGTV show Curb Appeal and principle at Garden Wise Inc, J. Mark White strikes a balance between creative visions and practical knowledge for landscaping projects that range from urban rooftops to country gardens.  You can visit his website at GardenwiseInc.com

3. @kissmyaster (Amanda Thomsen)


Amanda’s experience as a passionate gardener is expressed online in a down-to-earth (pun intended?) and humorous fashion.  She’s a writer for those looking for practical advice with a tasteful dash of attitude.  Amanda is a blogger for Horticulture Magazine (@CoHorts), as well as a regular contributor to plantsthatsuck.com, among other blogs.

4. @getinthegarden (Lisa Gustavson)


Lisa’s interest in gardening, and offering her insights to others on her blog getinthegarden.com, is an extension of her belief that gardening is a lifestyle, not just a pastime.  She also gains points for titling one of her blog posts “Give Peas A Chance”.  Respect.

5. @MrBrownThumb (???)


As self-deprecating as he is mysterious, Mr Brown Thumb offers practical advice to city dwellers about maintaining urban gardens, proving that outdoor greenery is not just for country and suburban living. Mr. Brown Thumb blogs for Chicago Now under the title, appropriately enough,  Chicago Garden.

6. @susancohan


Leveraging her experience and success in the fashion industry, Susan turned to gardening with equal aplomb, designing award-winning landscapes and interior ‘garden rooms’.   In addition to her work as a blogger (Miss Rumphius’ Rules), Susan serves as Membership Chair for the international board of directors for the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).

7. @Arcadia1 (Christina Salwitz)


Christine is not only a gardener herself, but a gardening coach for others too, dedicated to passing her knowledge of organic gardening on to her clients.  She’s also a speaker, and teacher, with an eye for marketing.  You can learn more about Christine by visiting personalgardencoach.wordpress.com

8. @LifeOnTheBlcny (Fern Richardson)


A specialist in container gardens fit for balconies (see Twitter handle), Fern brings the addition of decorative and edible gardening to people-without-yards, or those with limited space.  Read her practical tips and informed insights on lifeonthebalcony.com

9. @Amyeureka (Amy Stewart)


A passionate gardener, Amy is also a speaker, and an author of several books.  Her essays about gardening have appeared in publications from Organic Gardening Magazine to the New York Times. Visit her website at amystewart.com

10. @jeanannvk (Jean Ann VanKrevelen)


Jean Ann is a dedicated gardener and social media leader, with several useful blogs about gardening and connections with other experts in the field.  Along with this list, Jean Ann has been named “2008 Top 50 Tweeple to Follow” on Twitter, among other recommendations.  Learn more abut Jean Ann on edgyentrepreneur.typepad.com

11. @CanarsieBK (Mike Lieberman)


Mike brings together his interests in urban gardening, green living, and blogging.  A proponent of simple, earth-friendly living, Mike offers advice as well as the story of his own experience in integrating organic gardening in a city setting.  Take a look at canarsiebk.com.

12. @TheGerminatrix (Ivette Soler)


Ivette is a ‘plant fiend’, channeling that fiendishness into a consulting and design business in the Los Angeles area.  She’s also a blogger, and a published author, writing articles for Garden Design, Met Home, and Sunset Magazine, among others.  Read her blog at thegerminatrix.com.

13. @MulchMaven (Jenny Peterson)


Jenny and her team are versatile gardeners and landscapers, operating in the Austin Texas area since 2001.   Jenny’s skill at transforming spaces stems (another gardening pun??) from her ability to integrate her knowledge of eco-systems into her eye for aesthetics.  Read her blog at jpetersongardendesign.com

14. @EdenMaker (Shirley Bovshow)


Shirley balances her interests and skills with gardening and landscaping into the varied regions of garden coaching, speaking, blogging, and TV broadcasting.  You can see her on the TV show Garden Police, as well as on the HGTV show Outer Spaces.  Read her blog at edenmakers.com.

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