Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Whether you call him dad, pa, papa, pop, or poppy, you love your old man, and you want to show it with a Father’s Day gift that transcends clichés and gets him. This year, dig deep, and get your pa something that suits him perfectly. Here’s a list to get the creative wheels turning.

Gift Ideas for Dad

For the Clothes Horse

Your dad rocks a suit, and he has an Italian boot collection that could stock a small shoe store. If he exudes elegance and style even when he’s in a T-shirt and jeans, consider one of these fashion-forward gifts.

Cuff links. Look around on sites like Etsy for one-of-a-kind, handcrafted cuff links for your dad. Or, visit an antique store or vintage boutique for a set of retro links.

Slippers. Chances are, your dad likes to look dapper even when he’s lounging around in his freshly ironed PJs. In that case, get him a quality pair of stylish wool slippers for his loafing pleasure.

Leather belt. A quality leather belt, especially a reversible one, is just the thing to enhance your dad’s wardrobe and make him feel like a million bucks.

Silver belt buckle. A man can’t have too many belts, and the same goes for belt buckles. Splurge on a stunning sterling silver buckle that’s just as understated or overstated as your dear old dad.

For the Foodie 

Foodie dads always appreciate a smorgasbord of specialty snacks for a gift, but if you want to take his love of edibles and potables to another level, consider these foodie gifts.

Craft beer subscription. You can find a subscription for just about anything these days, and beer is no exception. A beer expert will pick a selection of craft brews and send them directly to your dad each month. If he’s more of a wine guy, well, they have wine subscriptions, too.

Coffee grinder. If your dad cares about his coffee, get him a top-notch grinder that’ll maximize the flavor of his favorite beans. May as well pick up a pound of those, too.

Wireless smart thermometer. Whether he’s grilling steaks in June or roasting a bird in November, your dad will enjoy using a leave-in meat thermometer that sends info to his phone, where he can monitor the temp at a distance.

A cooking class. If your pop loves to cook and socialize, sign him up for a specialty class where he can learn to cook anything from a Thai feast to the perfect German chocolate cake.

For the Well-Groomed Man

If personal hygiene is near the top of your dad’s list of super talents, these gifts might be just the thing for him.

Smart toothbrush. Part toy and part tool, a smart toothbrush is one that connects up to your dad’s device and gives him all sorts of feedback and tips on his brushing habits.

Heated razor. Gillette recently came out with a heated razor that simulates a hot towel experience. It’s rather pricey, but it’s getting fabulous reviews from users.

Grooming subscription box. If your dad likes to try different products, he’ll enjoy a monthly subscription box full of essential grooming supplies. From skincare to beard maintenance and everything in between, you’ll find a subscription box for it.

For the Kid in Your Dad

No man can resist the pull of toys, whether his favorite plaything is a car, a killer theatre setup, or a watch that does everything but mow the lawn. Here are a few toys your dad might find delightful.

Drone. Drones are the toy of the future, the kind of thing your dad probably dreamed about when he was a kid. And surprisingly, they aren’t that expensive, and they can be controlled with a smart phone.

Wireless headphones. If you have a music-loving dad, a set of quality wireless headphones (or a wireless speaker) is just the thing to keep his toes tapping without pesky wires getting in the way.

Smart speaker. A smart speaker like the Echo Dot or Alexa can play your dad’s favorite tunes, tell him what the weather’s going to be like, or order up a big old pizza for him and his poker pals. His own personal concierge.

Tablet. Unless your dad is a hopeless technophile, he’ll think a small tablet is pretty neat. He can do Facebook, surf the Web, read books, watch videos, and play games on it, among other simple tasks.

Portable charger. Make sure Dad’s devices are always charged when he’s on the go. A portable charger provides a little extra insurance against dead batteries at inconvenient times.

For the Dad Who Has it All

Some dads you just can’t buy for, and anyway, they’re the kind of guys who would appreciate a gift of time and effort more than one of monetary value. If your dad falls into this category, here are some thoughtful gifts that don’t cost a dime.

Clean his place. Especially if your dad is a bachelor, giving him the gift of your elbow grease in service of his house, from cleaning the bathroom to mopping the kitchen floor, will endear you to him even more than you already are.

Tend to his yard. Whether he needs his lawn mowed, his flower beds raked, or his lettuce planted, arm yourself with tools and take care of his yard for a Father’s Day gift that’ll save him a lot of work.

Detail his car. Take Dad’s sweet ride to the car wash, and detail it inside and out. Add an air freshener, and make sure he’s got a tire gauge in his glove box.

Have a movie night. Give your dad the gift of your time, and arrange for a movie hangout. Either treat him to a flick at the theatre, or bring over a stack of your favorite DVDs. Don’t forget the snacks!

Go with a coupon book. Coupon books for Father’s Day can be redeemable for just about anything you can offer the man who helped spawn you. A coupon for a beer on the patio, one for a night of gaming. A coupon for taking him to a sporting event, one for a concert. You get the idea.

No two dads are alike, and yours is definitely one-of-a-kind. With a little thought and effort, you can give him a Father’s Day gift that encompasses just how much he means to you.

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