Glass Bottle Decoration From Home Decor To Accent Walls

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Adding visual interest to your home does not have to be expensive. Glass bottles offer color, shape and texture in a variety of sizes. They can be used in as many applications as your imagination will allow, too!

Haven’t we all put a candle in a recycled wine bottle and let the colored wax drip down over it? That is probably the simplest bottle decoration. A series of these as a dining table centerpiece can be a conversation starter.

Bottles and candles

Candles can also be made from mason jars. Put a scented (or not) votive candle on a shallow bed of sand in the bottom of the jar. Colored sand can coordinate or contrast with the room or event theme (holiday or special event). They can be strategically placed around a room for a soft, bright light. This is a gentle light for taking a hot bath, too!

Vintage or antique glass bottles are beautiful in themselves, and they can simply be displayed on a shelf or in a window to let the light show off their unique lines and colors. This can also act as privacy glass.

Glass bottles – mundane becomes exciting

Glass jars can be completely decorative filled with sand art or collectibles, such as shells or marbles. On the other hand, they can be practical while storing noodles, spices, sewing notions, craft items, pens, paperclips, nails or bath salts. Creatively display things you use every day, and the mundane becomes the exciting! You can opt for unique labeling for even more interest.

Glass storage in the kitchen is more hygienic than plastic. Glass is easy to wash and disinfect, and it does not hold onto odors. The honey I buy comes in a pint mason jar with a yellow metal lid, and after several years, they piled up. I now fill them with nuts, seeds and dried herbs from my garden. The lids are neatly labeled, and the uniformity of size makes it easy to keep the cupboards neat and organized.

Glass bottles as home decor

Recycle! Look for interesting jars at yard sales, estate sales, flea markets and second hand stores. Notice the color, texture, form and line. Create continuity by painting several very different jars the same color and grouping them together. You can also have identical jars with different things in them. I have done this with wine carafes, each holding a bouquet of a single kind of flower and all placed as a centerpiece.

Source: via Terri on Pinterest

When you are in the grocery store, look for interesting jars. Sometimes jams and specialty foods come in decorative jars. Don’t buy it for the sake of the jr, though! Use the product in it first. Don’t just throw it away!

Glass bottles and decorative walls

Glass bottles also make interesting decorative walls. This is very common in earthships, and a little forethought can produce undulating or geometric designs. A glass bottle wall makes an effective privacy wall for a bathroom. Light shines through, which is especially beautiful if colored glass was used!

Put up a glass bottle wall outside instead of a picket fence! What an entrance! Glass bottles used in exterior building walls give a home a one-of-a-kind appearance. And as the sun passes over it during the course of the day, the light will change its appearance.


To build a glass bottle wall, plan ahead. Decide where it is going to be and what purpose it will serve. Choose mud or concrete to work with. Glass bottles are laid horizontally in a layer of mud or cement. A larger jar is placed over the end with the opening. This will make the wall a bit thicker, which is important for exterior walls. Both ends are left exposed. This is how the light passes through. Layer upon layer of mud or cement and bottles eventually becomes a wall. You can plaster and/or paint around the bottles for further interest. Let your imagination fly with this! There are no rules!

For a narrower wall, which would make a wonderful room divider, stand the bottles vertically, instead of laying them down. Lots of different shapes can make this interesting, or identical bottles can give it a more grounded feel.

Glass makes interior design unique

Portable or permanent, glass bottles can make your interior design or architecture unique. A bonus would be to recycle old bottles and keep them out of the landfill. As always, check your zoning and neighborhood association regulations before building anything.

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