Going Bold: Choosing Bold Colors And Keeping Balance Too

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Bold colors; don’t be afraid of them! When choosing colors that are bright, deep, bold, it’s all a question of balance. Here’s what we mean.


Want to spruce up your home or apartment but are wary of using bold colors? Don’t be! With the right balance and accessories, you can find the perfect bold statement to liven up your living space. Check out these suggestions for adding a touch of boldness to your home with balance. You’re sure to find an option for going bold that won’t make you cringe.

Accent wall

One of the most common ways to add boldness to your decor is an accent wall. Examine your existing decor to figure out which bold color you’ll want to use. Just make sure you don’t have too many competing colors in the same room! Let the accent wall and a few complementary accessories make the statement. Everything else should play a supporting role with subtler tones.

Area rug

Maybe you live in an apartment and can’t paint the walls, or simply don’t want to go through the hassle. Another great way to cover a big area with a splash of color is with an area rug. Balance the brightness of your area rug with complementary muted tones throughout the rest of the room. Don’t shy away from adding tasteful pops of that same color elsewhere in the room to tie everything together.

Statement furniture

Spice things up with a piece of statement furniture. Whether it’s one single, strong color or features a bold pattern, your statement piece should be the main draw of that room. Keep other aspects of your decor from competing with it by choosing relatively quiet accents for the rest of the room.

green sofa purple pillows

Wall textures

Your accent wall doesn’t have to be a single color. Instead, consider stenciling. Use a bold color for the design and put it atop a more muted version of the same color. If you’d rather not spend all that time with stencils and paintbrushes, the right wallpaper can achieve a similar effect.

Remember not to overload your decor with textures. Choose a few in the same family but keep it simple. Mixing stripes and polka dots doesn’t have to be a no-no, but using a modern wallpaper in an otherwise traditional living room probably is.


You don’t need to go big to go bold. Think about the showrooms in Ikea. Often times they’re relatively monochromatic in scope, with a few bright splashes of color thrown in via pictures on the walls, candles, flowers on the tables, or vibrant throw pillows. Choose your favorite accent color or select something that goes nicely with the decor you already have (blue looks lovely with shades of brown!) and shop for room details in shades of that color. This is also the least expensive and least time-consuming option.

Keeping it simple

The trick to going bold is keeping it simple. One bold accent piece and a few accessories will transform your room without overwhelming you. If you find that you’re still hesitant, start with a few accessories and see how you feel. Soon you’ll be experimenting with bold colors in every room and livening up all your decor!


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