Going Green in San Francisco…

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Hi all,

Here’s an article from the San Francisco Chronicle documenting the proposal of new stringent green building codes:

“San Francisco moved a step closer Wednesday to imposing the country’s most stringent green building codes, regulations that would require new large commercial buildings and residential high-rises to contain such environmentally friendly features as solar power, nontoxic paints and plumbing fixtures that decrease water usage.”

As usual, California is leading the way with regards to environmental initiative. However, I was surprised that no mention was made of the direct health benefits for those occupying the green commercial/residential buildings. As discussed in a past blog, the products that make up our Built Environment have a direct effect on our health. As such, Aaron Peskin’s comment, “The greenest building that exists today is one that is already built”, doesn’t exactly ring true for me.

Be sure to check out the comments posted in response to the article. There are some intriguing comments about the governments role in dictating product selection in the construction of private residences. Any thoughts?



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Matt Dickinson