Green Building Business Tips for Contractors Article

Thanks to @SerenArch on Twitter, I found this very informative article that outlines some best practices when it comes to understanding the business side of green building.  The article is taken from the Construction Today website.

As the article itself states, green building is often presented in the media as the next big thing in the construction industry.  It’s certainly struck me that way, and I’ve made that pretty apparent on this blog.   Yet, some practical points for the benefit of firms who are attempting to break into some new ways of approaching a green approach to a project is a logical step to make sure it continues in the right direction.

Solar panels as installed in Brighton, England.  Image courtesy of Dominics Pic.  Click image to view Flickr stream.

Solar panels as installed in Brighton, England. Image courtesy of Dominic's Pics. Click image to view Flickr stream.

Here are some very interesting points that the article raises that caught my eye the most:

  • Bidding on projects exclusively on price is a thing of the past.  Skills, formal qualifications, and innovation are now more important than ever, even more than the lowest bid
  • Green building isn’t something to enter into casually.  It means a sales and marketing re-fit in addition to the skills and qualifications of staff as cultural forces and economic conditions shift
  • Strong alliances with outside sources – more experienced contractors, associations,  and green building suppliers – is vital.  Networks of people and the brand visibility or good reputations with which they are associated become assets when entering the market.  They also provide learning opportunities in a new paradigm
  • Heavily invest in staff training and/or strategic hires to build internal authority on green building practices and standards complementary to the expertise fostered in relationships outside of the company
  • Understand that investing in green means investing in a better product, just because green building is defined by an emphasis on creating more using less

Actually, in looking over some of these points that struck me most in the article, it seems that they can be applied to any industry, not simply to construction.



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