NYC Green Building Codes Taskforce to Implement Green City-wide

Bringing sustainability and strict building code laws together, the Green Building Codes Taskforce in New York City is seeking to implement sustainability practices as an element into all buildings in the city.  Some of the codes will enforce everyday practices such as lights off after hours, and simple but extensive retro-fits such as bolstering insulation for the windows of glass buildings.

The primary objectives of the recommendations center around the areas of zoning, public health, and environmental protection.  The recommendations are currently in review by the Mayor’s office and the City Council.

Currently, most of the green technology retrofit efforts in New York City have focused on commercial towers, high-profile residential appartments, and government buildings. The new building codes suggested in this initiative will eventually be a citywide effort, so that all city residents can experience the benefits of sustainable buildings.  Increased health benefits through improved air quality, as well as lower energy costs are two cited advantages in the report.

The task force panel is made up of some 200 respected green consultants, funded by the Mertz Gilmore Foundation and the New York Community Trust.  The report they put forward will have an impact on  new construction findings, and future renovations.  The report identifies key impediments to sustainability, and low-cost solutions to avoid them.  Standards are to be set with the idea of implementing parallel incentives to buildings that exceed them.

The extensive breadth of the report is hoped to set a standard for all municipalities in the U.S, as well as a means of helping to expand on a new green job sector, as the need for inspection and construction positions become more in demand.

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