Green Building Materials: Look, Performance, and Ethics Too

About a year and a half ago, we launched our green building guide and green flooring guide.  The reason for these pages was to get information out thereabout our specific products, and also about the very idea of green building materials as options for ethical renovations.

Even at that point, not too many consumers knew too much about things like LEED points, for instance, or even about post-industrial tile, or strand-woven bamboo floors.  I think that has changed.  And I hope we’ve been a voice in helping to bring that change about.

By now the average consumer is more educated than ever before.  And I think resource pages like this really help to round out the decision-making process when it comes to home renovations.  They also provide a basis for the decision-making process for those whom we call BIYers (buy-it-yourselfers).

These are folks who purchase green flooring and other building materials and then inform their hired contractors about their advantages.  The contractors then realize how durable and easy to work with a strand-woven bamboo floor is, for instance.  And then that wisdom is passed along from consumer to professional, and perhaps then to another consumer.

竹藪中  一回眸     The girl in the bamboo forest

It seems that making buying decisions centered around ethics as well as practicality and look is becoming more and more the norm in any case, which to me is a credit to the awareness of buyers where issues of sustainability are concerned.  It’s kind of  a chicken and egg scenario in many ways, I suppose, what with a multitude of DIY TV programs such as Building Green TV and others that are having an impact on buying decisions.

But, I think it’s also a credit to manufacturers and designers, who have created products which make the decision to choose green a pretty easy one.   Buying a green materials means you’re getting look and durability as well as sustainability, and the idea that these are mutually exclusive is now a thing of the past.

For another example of an exemplary green building materials guide, I’d encourage you to check out Planet Green green materials guide, which is an accessible and informative set of pages that gives buyers an overview as to what some of the main advantages are with modern flooring and other building materials.



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