Green Cleaning and Maintenance Inside and Out

Green practices when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your property this spring is a great way to introduce the spring season, and to contribute to the health of the environment as well. Changing our habits to help to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals is a great way to start the spring season off right. Eliminating harsh chemicals or corrosive cleaning products will go along way to engendering a new cleaning green approach to the big spring clean.

For instance, eliminating products that use ammonia is a great way to go green. Ammonia is the number one cause of green house gases in our environment, so looking for products that have either little no ammonia will go along way to helping you do your part to for the environment. That’s only one of the ways you can get a fresh start this spring, and switching over to green practices when it comes to maintaining and cleaning areas of your home.

Green backyard maintenance

One of the first things that you can look at while taking green maintenance practices outdoors is by eliminating manufactured chemicals. Replacing pesticides and herbicides is a prime place to re-imagine, and get a new and eco-friendly approach to an outdoor living space. Instead of pesticide use, consider plants that can already protect themselves without your intervention. Native plants have built in defenses against insects and disease, and therefore do not need additional chemicals.

Taking a look at pools is a great way to go clean green. Salt water pools can save money in the long-term. There is no dry skin and hair damage after swimming, and it is chlorine-free which is great for the environment, too.

Taking the green inside

Cleaning green is not just for the outdoors, but also for the inside of your home as well. Research ways you can use natural elements to make your own cleaning products, or which commercial products you can invest in which contain natural ingredients that are easily and harmlessly absorbed into an eco-system. This not only helps the environment, but protects the members of your home from the effects of harsh chemicals, dry or irritated skin, and respiratory problems being among the most serious.

Cleaning greens adds to quality of life

Cleaning green and taking on green maintenance practices is an important consideration as we seek to improve our quality of life, for ourselves and others around us. Taking this part of spring cleaning seriously is a great way to do your part for the environment as well.

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