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If you are wondering how you can minimize the environmental footprint with the surface you walk on; you should contemplate eco-friendly flooring options. Thanks to the green movement becoming the main stream, green flooring designs are offering bountiful of beautiful flooring options for your green home.  Standard eco flooring options is Bamboo flooring, which we will discuss in this article.


After mature Bamboo poles or culms are harvest, the manufacturers crosscut them to length and then slice them into strips to begin the bamboo tiles production. Skin, nodes get removed from the poles before the time while the pieces get boiled in a boric acid or lime to remove the starch and sugars. After the bamboo has been dried and planed it can be colored darker through a carbonizing process of steaming under a heat pressured controlled method, this also causes the planks to become softer.

Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring as it is physically similar. Bamboo flooring is strong, durable and has a natural resistance to insects and moisture. Just like wood, bamboo flooring can look very stylish as well and will keep beautiful for a long time as it is easy to maintain.

Bamboo is more water resistant than the average hardwood flooring and all it needs is a semi-regular sweep and an occasional wipe with a damp mop to keep it shiny. Do however take caution when applying bamboo to a humid area in your home as humidity can cause the planks to crack, and excessive water caused by flooding can cause mold and warping. Even when the floor gets discolored over time or gets covered in scratches, you freshen its look again when you reapply a finish coating after sanding it down.

Despite the fact that the nature of bamboo flooring and the way it is harvested are very eco-friendly, many final products contain VOC. The adhesive which holds the pieces of shredded bamboo stalks together may release volatile organic chemicals which are not good for the environment–so be sure to ask your flooring provider about low VOC options.

With an extensive selection of affordable bamboo flooring available on the market, it is easy to find any style to suit your home. Bamboo has a distinctly elegant look and is making a trend in green housing.

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On the contrary to flooring, roofs over our heads that are both sustainable and a growing trend are green roofs.

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