Green Living Thinking and Strategy For Bathrooms

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The bathroom is an easy room to overlook when you are trying to go green. It performs the most basic of functions, so it already feels like it is as minimalist as a room could possibly be. However, the truth is that bathrooms can be incredibly wasteful with everyday materials and water usage.

Whether you are looking for everyday improvements or tips for your next remodeling project, there are several ways modern technology can help make your bathroom more environmentally friendly.

Taking advantage of new technologies

Lucky for us, some of the world’s leading scientific minds are working on making society more eco-friendly from the ground up. Thanks to innovative new systems, water fixtures can reduce wasteful water use in the bathroom. Today’s low-flow toilets and shower faucets are more high-tech than ever before.

Some efficiency methods include dual-flush options to use less water as needed, lower flow rates that maintain high water pressure, and even solar powered water heaters. Look for the WaterSense rating for water-efficient fixtures.

Choosing your cleaning products carefully

Cleaning supplies and bathroom products are inescapable. We need soaps and shampoos to keep ourselves clean, and a host of other cleaning supplies for the bathroom itself. Fortunately, most grocery stores today offer eco-friendly bathroom products.

Natural soaps made from plant or animal products are not only better for the environment, but your skin as well. You can make most of your cleaning supplies yourself with more gentle household products such as baking powder and toothpaste.

Switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs

Traditional incandescent light bulbs are some of the most wasteful and costly products that still abound in households today. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you can save as much as $50 per year by simply replacing 15 light bulbs with modern LED, CFL, or other EnergyStar rated lighting sources.

Some prefer a more novel approach, such as designer Miguel Melgarejo’s Pillet: a toilet paper roller that stores enough kinetic energy to power a small lamp.

Try Creative Fixtures and Solutions

Low-flow technologies reduce water and save you money, but they can also provide a fun alternative to mundane appliances. Toilets like the Fish n Flush make use of a low-pressure dual tank system while brightening the bathroom with a beautiful aquarium. Ecosystem technologies put us back in touch with nature by sustainable shower forests, mossy bath mats, and compost toilet systems.

Green Habits Make Green Homes

Finally, you can reduce waste in everyday increments by remaining conscientious of your practices. Be sure to fix leaks as soon as they arise to reduce water waste. Reuse water that doesn’t need to go down the drain by using it to water plants or mix new cleaning products.

With a little bit of innovation and everyday awareness, anybody can have a green bathroom. Make the best of what modern technology has to offer and look for products that are certified as efficient, recycled, or organic. A little bit of mindful behavior can go a long way in a greener bathroom and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.


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