Green Night Club In New York Uses Bamboo Flooring

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It seems that more and more locations are utilizing bamboo floors, even those areas that are known for some unusual foot traffic – the dancing kind!

Disco BallHere’s an article from the Daily Green about a green nightclub opening in New York City. Among its green features which include low-flow toilets, waterless urinals, LED lightbulbs, wind power, green garbage disposal, and a number of other LEED-friendly amenities, the club features a bamboo floors and walls.

To my mind, this shows that going green is no longer a niche trend, and that the issue is an important one to this generation of clubbers as much as it is for environmentalists and green building architects. Right now, going green is still in its infancy on this scale, yet the article states that perhaps this decision to go for LEED certification may “influence the influencers” where large scale clubs are concerned.

The article also mentions that the club, The Greenhouse, may be one of many locations opening up.  We’ll see if it takes off.


Disco ball image courtesy of Dichohecho

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