Green Public Transit: London Bicycles!

With serious problems like urban pollution and the resulting impact on global climate change, there must come radical solutions in place to counteract those problems.  And the best of these can often produce a byproduct that perhaps we never expected; FUN!

Take a look at this video that outlines a program put in place in my old stomping ground of London, England.  Current Mayor Boris Johnson, along with sponsorship from Barclay’s Bank, and Transport for London have introduced a new program to contribute to solving the problems of urban traffic congestion, pollution,  and excessive fossil fuel use in the City of London.

They want to get Londoners out of their cars and back onto their bikes.

Take a look and see how this innovative, and frankly FUN, idea works in practice:

I love Vancouver.  But, sometimes I really miss London.

There is talk of bike renting/sharing programs here in B.C of course.  But, what is still in discussion, quite rightly, is the subject of Provincial bike helmet laws, with the issues of head injury prevention, helmet fit (for visibility purposes, no doubt), and (yes) parasite transfer being prominent.

These are very serious hurdles to a program like this, and it will be interesting to see if there is enough political will to overcome them. One can only hope that the kind of innovation which sparked this program in Britain, and also in bike sharing programs in Barcelona, will also come up with a workaround that can also provide safety for the users, and satisfy local laws, too.

If you have ideas for solutions, or any comments at all, please feel free to add them to the comments section of this post.  It certainly would be cool for the innovation to implement this program in Vancouver and other major North American cities with all safety checks and balances in place to come from someone commenting on this humble post.



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