Green Remodelling: Key To Economic Recovery?

Here’s a link to a video on Green Remodelling.  It has several good ideas in it for the Do-It-Yourselfer or building contractor who wants to “go green” in a home renovation project.

There are two approaches mentioned in the video.  One is energy efficiency which focuses on things like good insulation and windows that fit tightly.  The other approach is to use materials that are reclaimed or have recycled content or come from rapidly renewable resources like bamboo flooring.

These are excellent ideas, of course, for everyone wants to save money on energy costs, and using the proper materials makes you feel good when you show off your project to friends.  But let’s be realistic about the overall benefits to the world’s environmental problems, particularly global warming.

What we need is mass adoption of these practices for the effect to be registered in a meaningful way.

I’ve mentioned previously that the USA may need a new New Deal for its economic recovery.  In future posts, I’ll try show you some interesting data to make the case that this recovery can be made through environmental investments.

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Colin Laughlan